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We addressed and quickly addressed a lot of our security breaches and tried to get moving on them fast. People can criticize how we got about them, but we moved fast. So, we have it in us to do that. We're not doing it today. What do you make of that? I think for so many of the citizens that I talk to, the folks I visit with across the country, they feel a deep frustration at the inability of the political class to solve problems.

That's what they are there for and that's what we pay for them and they essentially avoid solving the problems and they blame each other. That's an unacceptable situation for us as a country, particularly when we are competing with nation states like China who have strong and clear decisions. CAVUTO: When you think about it, what we were dealing with then and quickly acting on then was making sure that something like this wouldn't be repeated. And in 11 years, knock on whatever, it hasn't because of the actions that were taken by both Republicans and Democrats moving swiftly on things like Homeland Security and a lot of other many critics will say administration stuff.

Can you call Trump voters idiots?

But bottom line, a very quick response to this horrific tragedy. Yet by comparison spending which seems like a minor comparison next to life and death matters, we can't get a handle on it. We are so able to rise when there's a direct challenge when we have somebody attacking us, Al Qaeda did 11 years ago. But unfortunately we allow ourselves in the way in which we conduct our political affairs to essentially -- potentially do far more damage in an indirect way.

And it's us. It's what we allow.

Who's behind the ‘dark money’ bankrolling our politics?

At some point you've got to imagine the folks of this country are going to stand up and say enough. We are paying you for solutions. Solve the problems. Action on climate change will be tough, and we need to stop pretending it can be done with ease. It is a fraud, and not even a new one.

It means we are using dodgy counting of previous dodgy counting to meet our targets. Now let us look at our emissions compared with other nations in the OECD: Yes, the United States emits a lot more than we do, but when you look at per capita and per GDP you see how integral greenhouse gas emissions are to our economy.

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It means it is going to be tougher for us to reduce our emissions than it is for other nations. It would have been done. But it needs to happen and I have a few graphs to illustrate why. First, the average annual temperature over the past 60 years: Remember when all the climate-change deniers for deniers they are said was the hottest year and the planet had not warmed since then?

A point at which my year-old daughter would be the same age I am now: Enough with the lies and fraudulent policy.

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Greg Jericho writes on economics for Guardian Australia. Topics Australian politics Opinion. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. But you've got to hand it to King -- the man is an innovator.

The government thinks we’re idiots and is not serious about reducing emissions

Scott Keyes who I guess is on the Steve King beat these days, not that I'm complaining has now caught King indulging in a little bit of Birther Calvinball. He's pretty sure that Obama's papers are legit, but you never know, because reasons. The whole point to Birtherism, though, is that you don't need to conclusively make this case to sell it.

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The Insidious Problem of Calling Donald Trump an Idiot

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