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William, Stoker Bram, Authors Various. Book file PDF. There was something about the three blonde, black-eyed women that was not quite right.

Haunted Edinburgh, dark fantasy. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Carolyn Cami. Look inside this book. Thrice Bitten by [Bennice, Emily]. Find out in this erotic vampire story!. But her heart-warming Once Times Thrice series proves she thrives in the light as much as the dark. Whatever your poison, what she loves most is to bring you stories that are by Frances Hodgson Burnett, when I was six years old - that was the book that.

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Nine new stories of scorching erotic epic fantasy! Regina Gatsby - An adventurous thief rekindles a romance with an old flame during. The Cross Guard Purgatory Wars 3. Plot: The Countess, a vampire over four hundred years old, rises from her coffin. Dedicated to the students, young and old, of Southeastern Michigan and. Here, then, as if from a nineteenth-century poet, is an Ypsilanti vampire story; only, this is We confront three losses: the loss of blood, the loss of names, and the rape, and the biting of the neck that transforms life into living death.

When I think of s vampire movies, three movies that immediately Once Bitten is about a teenage virgin named Mark Kendall Jim to drink his blood thrice, turn him into a vampire, and retain her youth.

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The story of Mark begins and ends with sex. Fey, or fairies, are a preternatural species in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series.

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From my current perspective of having been thrice-bitten, I can see a definite other than just being a story about vampires — but no, no it didn't. There's an old dude in here named after that chick from that SyFy Channel show! Blame it on the vampire - and the werewolf - and the zombie - in this Thanks to a series of unfortunate bites, eleven-year-old Tom is a triple threat: he's a Vam- Wolf-Zom.

Tom the Vam-Wolf-Zom is standing by to tell you his story! The over all story was a bit repetitive and the narration really emphasized that issue. Well, let me tell you a story about a particularly successful vampire species. And happy, thrice happy the master who can annihilate all greedy longing for. This, then, is the real story of Vampire: The Masquerade. My passion for That was three years ago and today I can say that some of my..

If it did not simply kill him, I expect he would rise as a normal vampire - vampire's bodies have been consistently shown to be unchanging, often restored to their state at death at the beginning of each night. Therefore, it's doubtful that the wolf transformation would occur. Assuming the zombie bite happened with enough time remaining before the vampire reanimation, the quicker zombie virus would raise the human as a zombie. If not, they would become a vampire. Essentially, the genres don't mix well.

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A zombified wolfman would still have his sense of smell, hearing, and eyesight, but would move like a zombie. It's likely his other senses would fade as he decomposed. The other 'mixes' zombie vampire, wolfpire are highly unlikely to occur. White Wolf, which writes games that allow you to play as werewolves, vampires, etc addresses this issue directly: Vampires can't become any of the other 'races', werewolves can't be turned into vampires and the vampire who drinks their blood regrets it , etc.

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It would help to know what subgenre s you're targeting: medieval fantasy? In particular, you'll find a studies in classifying vampires , werewolves and zombies. To become a vampire is a a bit of a delicate process. It take repeated bitings and a gentle, protracted death to enable the contagion to effect the change.

Inductions as depicted in Innocent Blood are ridiculous in the extreme. Any person bitten by a vampire can recover. A single bite is nothing, hardly noticeable in fact. Lucy Westenra was saved three times by the intervention of Dr. Van Helsing - it was only by constant interference by the count that she died and was inducted. In fact if you are bitten repeatedly and don't die within the first few weeks then you become immune to the induction.

Such is the condition of many thralls and minions of vampires. Most induction are malformed. Count Orlock Nosferatu being only a medial example, gross deformities are more common than otherwise. Most people on becoming vampires destroy themselves as they are incapable of reconciling themselves with what they have become. Folk beliefs section of Wikipedia entry about Werewolfs gives more details about the common beliefs for how one becomes a werewolf, what vulnerabilities do those have, etc.

Typically, the bite must occur at or very near a full moon, when the moon is in the sky, for it to have any affect. It almost always starts the next cycle. This form of transmission is quite new actually, there have been various methods over the years to become a werewolf that didn't involve biting, for more see the wikipedia article. Typically, when they are a wolf, they are smarter than a typical wolf, stronger, but more vulnerable to instincts. The most common difference in wolf form is that they have no tail, but that can vary from legend to legend.

Harry Potter describes several differences in werewolves from regular wolves, for instance. In human form, it's common for them to have a somewhat increased sense of smell, strength, and aggressiveness. According to a research paper , the most common amount of time prior to becoming a zombie is approximately 24 hours. It should be noted, this is a recent phenomena, traditionally zombies weren't created by biting, but more of magical or superstitious behavior.

Zombies most notable trait is their inability to die again, at least very easily. They are usually quite stupid, slow, and somewhat stronger than normal.

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Vampires are typically considered the smartest of the undead. It might have something to do with the long amount of time that they live. They typically have very long lives, enhanced healing powers, and of course a thirst for blood. In addition, they are typically quicker and stronger than humans.

Sometimes they have the ability to turn into bats. It seems that the tradition of vampire bites leading to more vampires is a new one. There are two mechanisms that I'm aware of, both of them take several days to effect the transform. The first one involves an exchange of blood somehow, almost indicating that the person must want to be a vampire. The second involves a vampire not completely killing a person.

There are also many non-biting methods, see the wikipedia article.

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Another hybrid exists in 'I Am Legend', the book and the movie. In older myth and legend it was stated, that if one was vile enough during their time as a werewolf they were reborn as vampires whence they died. A chimera of all three is possible, but its appearance depends on the order and level of infection. If a werewolf or werejackal or wererat bites you, the bite is either ineffective deals only damage or infects you immediately so "feel feverish" and become a werewolf or werejackal or wererat respectively.

As long as you have the weredisease, you can not be infected by a werecreature again, eg. You also periodically change your shape between your animal form and your humanoid form.