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We love cop shows and we love legal shows—it made all the sense in the world to put them together? The first half of each episode was devoted to the detectives that investigated the crime.

FARGO: Executive Producer and Writer, Noah Hawley talks about the series

The second, to the lawyers who prosecuted the case. The series not-so-subtly ripped from the headlines and pioneered so much of what we take for granted on crime shows. The episodic nature of the storytelling meant the cast could revolve with little effect to the show—the crimes and the plot twists were the real stars. Jack McCoy, are practically synonymous with the series. Any cop show about a cop who must work within his or her small hometown, enacting blind justice on the people he or she grew up with—people who are usually just trying to make ends meet —will be a cop show rarely about the police department at its core, and almost always about the people who take that function for granted.

In it, Detective Robin Griffin the always-great Elisabeth Moss , a Sydney police investigator, is called back to her nowhere New Zealand hometown to look into the disappearance and pregnancy of a year-old local girl. That she undoubtedly uncovers a lot of terrible secrets best left buried is beside the point. Thankfully, Moss will return for the second season, which takes place in Sydney, and starts pre-production this December. The short-lived NBC drama was the epitome of a show ahead of its time. Canceled far too soon, NBC did not know what they had in this innovative drama that told the story of a crime from several perspectives—the police officers, the detectives, the paramedics, the lawyers, the reporters, the victims and the criminals.

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At the center of the series were fantastic performances from Neal McDonough as savvy and manipulative Assistant District Attorney David McNorris, and Donnie Wahlberg as an honest detective struggling with tragedy at home and temptations at work. Had Boomtown been on FX or Showtime, perhaps we would have had more than 24 wonderful episodes.

Barney Miller had all the witty banter and shaggy charm of your typical workplace comedy. It just so happened that this one took place within the dingy, paper-strewn squad room of the 12th Precinct. Along the way, Capt. Miller and his crew of hangdog detectives dealt with all manner of crimes, squabbles, and broke open the occasional social issue like drugs and gay rights for examination.

Miraculously, it never got too preachy, too dark, or too scary, even though all the cops on the scene were carrying pieces.

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Instead, the crew took everything in stride, washed down with a mug of lukewarm coffee. Presented as a series of mini-movies spread out over the course of nearly 35 years, Columbo had its inevitable ups and downs, with some cases being infinitely more interesting than others. Do you remember how that dearth of good genre programming fostered stale creativity?

They brought personality and depth to detectives J.

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They gave the series a face, while the soundtrack boasting the likes of Pharcyde, Soul 4 Real, Notorious B. Blige gave it a soul. Cool, atmospheric, and anti-conventional, New York Undercover made defying expectation its bread and butter, and deserves to be remembered, if only for that. Goor, Michael Schur. The police station sitcom had basically been dormant for years when Brooklyn Nine-Nine arrived. Cop shows had basically been reduced to serious dramas, with serious characters, played by serious actors. Actors like Andre Braugher. Then the new Fox series showed up and managed to present a very funny show about cops, featuring delightful characters, played by excellent comedic actors.

But this series is no two-hander.

New Frontiers (Expansion Wars Trilogy Book 1) by Joshua Dalzelle Audiobook Part 3

The women of the main cast—Melissa Fumero, Stephanie Beatriz, and Chelsea Peretti—are all fantastic, all bringing unique style of humor to the show. Reno ! Like Cops , the series succeeded due to the insanity captured on camera, such as a roller-skating prostitute warning cops about a guy shooting babies with rocket launchers, or a repeat offender known for hiding under kiddie pools. Although we love and need our serious cop dramas, Reno !

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Detective Andy Sipowicz. The landmark series may be remembered for pushing the boundaries of network television hello, naked behinds! Just curious—were the parts written for them in mind and what was it like working with them again? It was such a great cast and obviously Jeremy Renner has gone on to do some other things, but all those guys, I stay in touch with. The thing that I like about Adam and that I used him in The Unusuals is that I like casting him against type which is that sort of neurotic Jewish comic thing.

I like putting him in a sort of darker, less-talky, more menacing kind of role.

Cast - Theater of War

I think he brings something so interesting to it. Did they have influence in the whole series, or only in the first episodes?

I sort of opened myself to their larger body of work as storytellers and their sensibility. Their direct involvement really was pretty minimal. They obviously are very busy with their own material, and they read the first script that I wrote and I had a very nice conversation with them about it and they were very happy with it, and then, we showed them the first episode and Ethan Coen said yes, good, which apparently is effusiveness from him [see Billy Bob Thornton interview].

There was none of that. How do you explain this? I think some of it has to do with the shock value of telling stories that come from a different point of view. It was much more—and part of this is just about getting everyone to buy into the vision of the show, but I feel like if you have really thought it out and you really know exactly how you want things to unfold, your cast will go on that ride.

Did you feel that in the writing process? And so, that was sort of the free association that launched the show for me. Almost immediately upon being presented with the challenge, I had this image of these two guys in the emergency room, and one was a very civilized man and the other was a very uncivilized man and the question was who were they, where did they come from and where were they going, and there was something in that that felt inherently Coen-esque.

Are there any real true-crime stories that helped inspire the series?

9 Brilliant But Cancelled Series That Might Have Survived With these Very Minor Tweaks

Why was that important to finish out the story? Part of it is just the brand, and the quality of the show is the brand. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Read this in 2days. This is truly one of those "can't put it down" books. Awesome story by a talented author will keep you reading long into the night. Highly recommend!!!!! Anonymous More than 1 year ago Thoroughly improbable plot, poor character development, too many unanswered questions plus the stilted manner in which characters' 'spoke' was irritating and distracting.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago I do hope Sony decides to make this story into a movie - what a ride it will be!!! Anonymous More than 1 year ago Loved this book and read through it, quickly, since I could hardly put it down. Anonymous More than 1 year ago This book in my opinion was not a thriller. It instead was a though provoking walk thru humanity in the face of tragedy.

I could not put it down. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Could barely put it down I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy a good story, interesting characters, and a great storyline. Kudos and thank you to the author! Anonymous More than 1 year ago Thoroughly enjoyed reading most of the uptothe climax then it went downhill fast.

Ending if the book wasa real let down. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Loved it! Beautifully written and complex. A very enjoyable summer read. Anonymous More than 1 year ago This book made it very hard to keep up with which character was which. Horrible ending. Drawn out. I've never written a book review but am now reviewing this one to let you know just skip right over this one.