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The United States remains stuck in strategic limbo in Afghanistan. No matter how many allied forces deploy to Afghanistan, there is no victory to be had on the battlefield.

This is a fact that imprisons US presidents and policymakers — imagine being the president who withdrew US troops from Afghanistan, only to then suffer another terrorist attack on US soil planned in Afghanistan. There is no good option. And so, America fights.

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While the US and its allies continue to send young men and women to fight and die, certain facts remain constant: the Taliban are not going anywhere. Terrorists are not going anywhere — 17 years later, the Islamic State has joined al-Qaida as a threat. Pakistan will not change its two-sided policy of working with the US in Afghanistan with one hand while quietly enabling the Taliban with the other. As these facts remain unchanged, the war continues to blight the daily lives of Afghans, who have been at war on and off for almost 40 years now. There is no telling when this horrific cycle of war and violence will end for them.

War in Afghanistan

But it also seems clear that the US cannot end it with the military alone. Violence and suicide terror attacks increased across the country as the resurgence continues.

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Afghanistan War Facts - In fierce fighting erupts as the allied forces try to extend government control in areas where Taliban influence is strong. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, that Cheney was its intended target, and that Osama Bin Laden supervised the operation. Afghanistan War Facts - In February Nato-led forces launched a major offensive in the war called Operation Moshtarak, in bid to secure government control of southern Helmand province.

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By the end of the number of US troop levels had returned to pre-surge levels of 68, The War in Afghanistan had begun. Afghanistan War Facts - In May Taliban representatives and Afghan officials hold informal peace talks in Qatar but the Taliban insisted they will not stop fighting until all foreign troops leave the country and implementation of Sharia, or Islamic law. Afghanistan War Facts - Clandestine U. The Taliban controls more territory in than when it was ousted from power in The following George W Bush video will give you additional important facts and dates about his presidency.

Afghanistan War for kids. Islamic State IS. US American History. War on Terror. War in Afghanistan - First Published Afghanistan also holds the saddening record of being the country which has the highest number of terrorist attacks aimed at schools, at girls schools in particular. Street vendors, water carriers, cardboard collectors, shoe polishers, taxi solicitors, domestic servants, assistants in boutiques, are the kind of odd jobs done by Afghan children. The child plays an important economic role in the Afghan family structure, mainly because the little money earned by their parents is hardly enough to feed the hungry mouths in the family.

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Additionally, due to cultural practices, Afghan mothers rarely choose to seek employment outside their homes. Young Afghans are often made victims of violence.

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Moreover, many among them are victims of sexual abuse. About 1, incidents are recorded each year; unfortunately, the majority of the victims do not dare to reveal the unpleasant experiences they have gone through.

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Furthermore, most often the perpetrators are not taken to courts due to political reasons former war lords or members of the government, corruption, etc. Only a serious change in attitude would save the Afghan children from being considered as objects prone to exploitation. Under the Taliban regime, thousands of Afghans under the age of 18 were enrolled in terrorist groups, in one way or another. Certain children, barely 6 years of age, were even used as child suicide bombers. There are thousands of orphans in Afghanistan; this is, in fact, a direct consequence of the armed conflict which ravaged the country.

Nevertheless, only a very few children are left to their own devices since the Afghan culture, mainly based on Muslim principles, makes it obligatory for Afghans to help children in need. Thus, orphans are generally taken in by members of the family or certain others in the village.