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With a major character exiting, a false ending was filmed for The Magicians season 4 finale, keeping the truth even from the cast.

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The Magicians season 4 has reached its shocking conclusion, but you can still revisit links to reviews and episode descriptions. We break down all of the series-changing moments in The Magicians Season 4 finale We have a lot of questions after The Magicians Season 4 finale. Here are the biggest ones we hope Season 5 addresses.

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A shockingly final The Magicians finale leaves only the most introductory of cliffhangers for season 5 and a slew of unexpected endings. A strong theme ties this episode of The Magicians together nicely, and with powerful magic at the ready, an exciting end is no doubt near. As expected, the storylines are starting to converge in The Magicians as its finale nears, and the nostalgic trip to season 1 was welcome.

The annual musical installment of The Magicians loses its way a bit but delivers some powerful character moments for Margo. Our genre television podcast hosts talk to Brittany Curran about how her character Fen has grown in each season of The Magicians. While the body part quest continues, The Magicians takes an interesting detour to answer long held questions about Penny… and pose more. Integrated throughout the show, these moments stand as a declaration: This is just what The Magicians is, at its core.

With this show, narrative is twisted like a rubber band and then flung across the room. Wrapped up in all of its magical elements, The Magicians also happens to be wildly convoluted.


‘The Magicians’ Renewed for Season 5 at Syfy, Adds New Co-Showrunner

Sometimes the effect is that aforementioned playfulness. It feels great. If there was one shining highlight of the season — and the show overall — it was the Feb. To do so, they have to travel to a past version of Fillory. But unable to leave until they complete their mission, they wind up staying in the immediate vicinity of that puzzle for…well, the entire rest of their lives.

The show plays this out in an extended montage.

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The two grow restless. They fight, they bond. They hook up. Quentin meets a local girl, settles down, has a son. It stays with you. By the end of the episode, Quentin and Eliot had completed the puzzle and found their way back to their youths and their usual timeline. But the show made sure the impact of their time together was felt. These two characters had lived out an entire life as loving partners, side by side.

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It was an emotional beat that packed a hell of a wallop, and payoff has been sprinkled through the episodes that have followed. Sometimes, like in that episode, it knocks you off your feet in the process. The final one is centered on Harriet, a freedom of information activist and magician who runs a BuzzFeed spoof called FuzzBeat hi, guys! It's a scene that has a certain gravitas, but mostly because it gives them each an opportunity to express genuine regrets and apologize for their actions in Season 1. When Margo crowns Quentin king, she takes a break from endlessly roasting him as a dweeb, the kind of person The Magicians spends much of its running time mocking.

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    The Magicians’ season 4 finale was frustrating and maybe irresponsible. I kinda loved it.

    Author: Julie Muncy Julie Muncy. Required Reading. The Monitor.