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Badr Hari "The Golden Boy" Highlight & Tribute (SW)

Contributed by Luke J Spencer. Edited by. Near This Place. London, England. On the eve of a condemned prisoner's death, this bell rang 12 times outside their cell.

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Added by satxwdavis. Public access to clean drinking water was an instant hit among the masses. Added by Karitxa.

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Remnants of cells from the most notorious London prison may lie in the basement of a rare Victorian Gin Palace. Added by Luke J Spencer. Related Places.

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  • Alcoi, Spain. The first firefighters museum in southern Spain is ironically located in an old textile mill that burned down in Added by Dr Alan P Newman.

    Vista, Australia. The haunting remains of a beautiful old plant nursery founded in the s. Added by cmalla. Wallace, Idaho. This trail leads to a mine that was used as a sanctuary during the Great Fire of Each wash brings him one step closer. You take that away from him, you break his spirit!


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    Not much of a Best Seinfeld Joke ever, is it? Stay with me. This is an amazing bit because it epitomizes an aspect of the male mental state that Jerry and Larry are so tuned into: attention on the wrong thing. Because Jerry is also absorbed—with love for a T-shirt. This stupid, childish love is all he can think about. This is how dudes are.

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    A lot of comedy misses the mark when it comes to the male mind. Just today, I spent some time wondering what it would be like to have sex with a Wookiee volleyball player. There's Jim, the golden boy , he just went to Houston's and to get Jean's There's Zev, he just got Kazu on his best day yesterday, huge portions There's Kanye, he got the pool cleaning account There's Kevin, he gets his gas played for.

    The person whom appears to have an untarnished record of any kind. Most people considered a "golden boy" actually do have many flaws and are not what they appear. That fucker is such a golden boy Slang term for a boy or sometimes girl who is everyone's favorite person , never someone who is popular or "in" with the crowd , but always someone who people feel good around and go to for laughs.

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    • Mark is a goofy kid who everyone loves to be around, he is the local golden boy! Goldenboy unknown.


      Cause that little bitch is the goldenboy. Someone who can do no wrong, usually because they make a lot of money for their company. BJ is allowed to hire really dumb people because he is the golden boy. Golden boy unknown.