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I'm always on the lookout for mysteries set in unusual locations, so I find a series set in Holmes County, Ohio's, Amish community appealing. I've got the next two books in my TBR stash. I'll be curious to see if the books improve as the series progresses. Aurelio Zen is caught up in events triggered by the death of a billionaire at his remote Sardinian compound.

The fast-paced action somewhat masks a plot that relies a little too much on coincidence. Zen has to contend with the politics of Italy's power structure as well as with the crimes he is assigned to investigate. Zen always seems to be reacting to events, rather than in control of them. He gets credit not so much for solving crimes as for successfully picking his way through a minefield. The book has a bit of a retro feel since it was written before cell phones came into widespread use.

The gypsy had been attacked and left for dead. Then another body shows up on the estate. In the course of her investigation, Flavia makes a new friend. Her habit of withholding evidence in order to test it in her chemistry lab once again gets her into trouble with the local police.

I didn't like this one quite as much as the second book in the series. There were a few too many plot threads. One aspect of the mystery was too similar to circumstances surrounding the mystery in the previous book. I read these books as much for the pleasure of spending time with Flavia as for the crime-solving, and Flavia was her delightful self. I listened to an audio download from the public library and I really enjoyed Jayne Entwistle's performance.

Her portrayal of Flavia had me convinced that she really is an year-old girl.

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I enjoyed listening to this one so much that I've decided to listen to rather than read any future books in this series. Did he die of natural causes, or was he murdered? There are enough questions about the circumstances of the death that Inspector Montalbano keeps the investigation open, despite pressure to close it quickly.

Montalbano seems to maintain an ethical standard in an environment with an international reputation for corruption. More than once Montalbano is in a situation where others might give in to temptation and he resists it. Montalbano is more self-assured and positive than is Zen. If I were a crime victim, I'd prefer to have Montalbano working the case.

I listened to this one on audio, and it took me a while to warm up to it. The last two audio books I listened to had exceptional readers, and this one was just average. I might have liked the book a little more if I had read it rather than listened to it. It's full of adventure and suspense spiced with humor and romance.

It's lighthearted fun, yet it touches on social issues of its era such as the status and treatment of women in India and opium use in China. It's interesting that, while there are lots of characters in the book, there is only one female. Her character is less developed than the male characters, and she has a mostly passive role in the action.

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I don't read many adventure novels, and I haven't read any of Verne's other books, so perhaps this is typical of the genre. This story lends itself well to reading aloud or listening to on audio. I listened to an audio version on a road trip and it made the time pass quickly. Just catching up on your thread. I had wondered about Around the World in Eighty Days it sounds like it would be a great summer read or read for a down day.

I agree - it would be a good vacation read! Especially on a day like we've had today with more rain than sunshine. Its setting is New Amsterdam. The Dutch colonists expect an English invasion at any moment. Pieter Tonneman, the schout sheriff , has more than the invasion to worry about.


He suspects that several recent deaths weren't accidental, and that they might be connected to a conspiracy with the English. The descriptions of sights, smells, and activities drew me into the world of the Dutch colony, and the detailed map worked well to orient me to the streets of New Amsterdam as they existed in the s. Fictional characters seemed just as real as historical figures like Pieter Stuyvesant and John Winthrop. The emphasis on the Jewish community reminded me of David Liss's books. Racqel, the Jewish woman whose father taught her about medicines and healing, reminded me just a bit of Adelia in Ariana Franklin's Mistress of the Art of Death series.

The identity of two of the three conspirators is revealed to the reader as soon as they are introduced. Although there is an attempt to shield the identity of the third conspirator from the reader, I think even infrequent mystery readers will quickly figure out which character it is. Even though the mystery was somewhat disappointing, I liked the characters and setting well enough to seek out more books in the series.

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I've already ordered a mystery anthology that includes a short story featuring some of the same characters. She hopes that her aptitude for English will land her a position as a customer service agent for one of the many American firms that outsource these jobs to India.

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I was fascinated by the setting, but not by the characters. She shows little evidence of an interesting inner life. She seems self-absorbed, aloof, and amoral. She's supposed to be her mentor's most promising student, yet she appears pretty average to me. She does seem to have above average luck, though. Somehow, among the millions of people in India, she keeps meeting people with wealth and influence who are willing to spend it on her behalf.

One character explains to her that she is a mirror, and others see themselves in her. The more I think about this, the creepier it gets.


Download e-book The Eyewitness Protocols, Episodes 5-8: Action Mystery Thriller

She's not a person I would trust. Readers who have read other books by the author will recognize some familiar characters. Tara Chatterjee doesn't appear in this book, but some of her relatives do, and they mention her several times. I'd like to try at least the first of the Tara Chatterjee books. I think I might identify more with a character closer to my age.

This review is based on an advance reading copy provided by the publisher through LibraryThing's Early Reviewers program. When a Russian financier is killed during a hunting party in the Delta, Gareth Owen, the Mamur Zapt chief of the secret police must sort through motives both political and personal to find the shooter.

I listened to this one on audio while driving, and I think that was a mistake.

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The combination of Russian and Egyptian names, and my unfamiliarity with the structure of Egyptian society and government in the Edwardian era made it difficult for me to follow in that format. The easiest plot thread to follow, involving Owen's romance with a headstrong Egyptian woman, was also the most annoying. His girlfriend is extremely jealous, and I found her frequent tantrums tiresome. I'll try another one from this series in print before I give up on it.

I think it would be a good idea to start at the beginning of the series, too. While Alexandra Bergson has great affection for her family and neighbors, the love of her life is the Nebraska prairie farmland settled by her Swedish immigrant family. Alexandra's spirit is as expansive as the land, while her two oldest brothers are small-minded and unimaginative. Alexandra finds kindred spirits in her youngest brother, Emil, her neighbor, Carl Linstrum, and her neighbor, Bohemian Marie Shabata. Cather's writing has a timelessness that conveys the enthusiasm of youth, and the both the hope and risk of homesteading.

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I listened to this one on audio, and I thought it enhanced my experience of the book. The reader's precise, unrushed delivery perfectly matched Alexandra's personality. Her late husband's friend, Stanley Parker, convinces her to stay and help him compile a Rhode Island cookbook. Each recipe included in the cookbook must contain a secret ingredient.

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Genia is to host a dinner party at her rented home, with a guest list provided by Stanley. Each guest will supply a recipe for the cookbook. One by one the guests arrive, but Stanley never does. Finally, word arrives that Stanley's body has been discovered. The mystery part of this cozy doesn't break any new ground. Although Pickard does a decent job of casting suspicion on several characters, I managed to correctly identify the murderer and the motive.

The fun for me was the setting, and the descriptions of uniquely Rhode Island foods.