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I sometimes thought I was better than some people because I lived higher moral standards. When I thought about the Savior, who was meek and loved all people, I decided to change my attitude. As I tried to be humble and kind, people began to make the effort to be my friend. I loved the Lord and had high moral standards. I decided that compromising these standards would make me unhappy. Once, a teacher made a comment that hurt my feelings. Rather than reacting, I asked her if she was having a hard day. She admitted that she was and then apologized. Those comments had come from her personal problems and had nothing to do with me.

One thing my Latter-day Saint friends taught me was that gossiping and spreading lies is evil. I tried to avoid gossip and changed the subject whenever someone started to say unkind things.


I began to see the good in people and be optimistic. When I made this attitude change, people began to feel uplifted around me.

And it was spectacular.

This made them want to associate with me more often. When my sister became seriously ill and lost her ability to walk normally, many of her friends abandoned her because she walked funny. I saw her heartbreak, and I realized the importance of sticking with people through tough times. When I practiced charity in my relationships, I developed many true and lasting friendships. My loneliness disappeared, and I realized popularity was nothing compared to the real treasure of friendship and respect that comes from living gospel principles.

I am thankful for a Father in Heaven who took the time to teach a sophomore in high school the secret of gaining friendships that would last. Mormon teaches us how to develop charity, the pure love of Christ.

Your Husband and the Cheerleader

This article originally appeared in the September New Era. Breadcrumb Articles 10 Secrets of True Popularity.

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He basically taught me how to work hard, be responsible and make my own way in life. My wife gets upset with me because I'm the same way with our son. We're at odds about this. For one thing, I don't think it's healthy for men to demonstrate affection toward each other. For another, I'm convinced that my dad's style of fathering made me tough and spurred me on to achieve more than I would have otherwise.

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What do you think? We believe you need to take a second look, not only at your son, his situation, and your relationship with him, but at your own deepest feelings and needs. To be specific, it concerns us that you seem so unwilling to listen to the counsel of your wife. The perspective of a good and wise woman is one of the greatest assets a man can have in this life.

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  • Your role is to get on his team and help him face the opposition with confidence. Instead of adding to the pressure, stand beside him as an encourager, comforter, cheerleader, and friend.

    What Does the Bible Say About Women?

    Boys even need a certain amount of appropriate physical touch from their dads. You can communicate genuine love for your son and validate his personhood if you set him free to follow his natural bent and develop his own unique God-given talents.

    10 Secrets of True Popularity

    Think about it for a moment. Is that what you really want for him? Our staff counselors would be more than happy to discuss your questions with you over the phone. Gary Chapman explains how to show love to children by speaking words of affirmation and praise. Resources If a title is currently unavailable through Focus on the Family, we encourage you to use another retailer. The Vital Role of Fathering. Referrals National Center for Fathering.