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The Bodyguard [2004]

There is no hovering outside Parliament. He will try and get the home secretary to use the back door.


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If she will agree. Bodyguard TV The scene in episode two shows why Mercurio is the king of the action set-piece.


The bodyguards Frank Farmer Calm and collected, Farmer manages to quash any feelings he has for Rachel as secondary to his main task of protecting her. As she is giving her speech, Budd sees her PR advisor Tahir Mahmood outside the auditorium , but allows him in after checking his briefcase. Seconds later a bomb explodes.


Knowles and Mahmood were killed in the blast and Montague is in intensive care. Travis is appointed Acting Home Secretary and transfers responsibility for investigating the bombings back to Counter Terrorism Command. The police suspect that Mahmood was responsible for the bombing, although CCTV is not conclusive that the explosion emanated from the briefcase. Budd falls under suspicion for not spotting the bomb when he spoke to Mahmood.

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The next day, the PM announces that Montague is dead. Before MacDonald is interviewed by police, Travis tells him to stick to their pre-arranged story. Budd attempts suicide, but fails because someone has replaced the bullets in his hidden pistol with blanks. Returning to Montague's hotel, he discovers the security footage has been tampered with to delete Longcross's visit. On orders from Sampson, he accompanies Rayburn to interview Nadia, the suicide bomber, about who had supplied the explosives for the foiled train attack.

Nadia does not identify the bomb-maker among the pictures she is shown, which include one of Mahmood. Analysis establishes that the bomb was not in the briefcase, but under the stage. Apsted is identified by SO15 , with his past as an army EOD officer raising suspicion that he might have been the bomb maker.

Nadia identifies Longcross as the man her husband met. Budd researches the kompromat Montague was given, and ambushes Penhaligon at his constituency surgery , accusing him of trying to steal the tablet while she was in hospital. Hunter-Dunn denies any association with Longcross, but still refuses to share information with police.

MacDonald reveals he and the party planned to embarrass Montague by altering her speech, but never intended physical harm. Budd meets with a gun dealer and attempts to acquire the same type of sniper rifle Apsted used. This attracts the attention of Luke Aikens, a powerful crime lord and another member of the conspiracy. When information regarding Budd's relationship with Montague and his attempted suicide is leaked, Craddock suspends him from duty and revokes his firearms licence.

He visits Montague's flat and finds the tablet hidden in a photo frame. Aikens abducts Budd and fits him in a suicide vest with a dead man's switch. The police are called, but they do not believe his story and instead suspect Budd's involvement in the conspiracy due to his newly revealed connection to Apsted. Budd insists that he only hid his relationship with Apsted to protect himself from being exploited as a fall guy.

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MI5 is monitoring the scene; suspecting that he is being watched, Budd gives false information about the location of the kompromat , and MI5 sends Longcross to retrieve it. However, Budd has booby-trapped the flat with pepper spray, which temporarily blinds Longcross, who is then arrested. After a stand-off, Vicky runs towards Budd to prevent the police from shooting him. Still wearing the vest, Budd leads the police to his flat, where Vicky gives them the kompromat and the blank rounds that confirm Budd's innocence.

The explosives officer helps Budd disarm the vest and Budd escapes so he can prove his innocence. He discovers Craddock is Aikens' police insider and only barely stops himself from shooting Aikens dead. The two are arrested and Craddock confesses to providing information about Montague's movements that enabled her assassination and to choosing Budd to be Montague's PPO because his background made him a perfect fall guy. Nadia built the explosive devices and remembered the details Budd told her about his children during the disarming of the first suicide vest, which resulted in the attack on their school.

Budd starts occupational health treatment, and he and Vicky travel with their children to visit his parents. Golden Globe Awards. Best Television Series — Drama.

In just 10 minutes, show creator Jed Mercurio will lay claim to the next six hours of your life.

Best Actor — Television Series Drama. Critics' Choice Television Awards. Best Actor in a Drama Series. National Television Awards. American Cinema Editors Awards. Golden Reel Awards. British Academy Television Craft Awards. Thomas Vincent for "Episode 1". Banff Rockie Awards. Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

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