Guide The Blessing of a Breakdown: Turning Setbacks into Stepping Stones

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St Gerard Majella, pray for all mothers, babies and people in need of your prayers today. Happy Feast Day on Friday 16th October. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help please pray for the conversion, of my husband and for his healing spiritual , and of heart, mind, body,soul, also for my children and grandchildren to be converted. For myself the grace to pray trust and let go knowing God is in control.

Thank you for prayers granted. As he writes another paper today ,be with him heal him and grant him confidence a clear mind and wisdom. Thank you mother for looking out for him always. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help thank you for all your help for me and my family in the past. Please help my daughter SC to come to a decision and if it be within your power help her to have the family she desires. Please also look after ST and K as she starts her Masters degree, help her through all the trials of life. Please also help me financially so that I can help my family.

Please intercede for us remove his fears and help him along help him to put his trust in you and your beloved son. Please look after my son and help him in his A levels. Grant him resilience focused inspriration and motivation to work hard to achieve his dreams help him in allhis decisions and guide him to the right path. Grant us all healthy mind and body.

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Mother of Perpetual Help I approach you this morning begging you that you intercede with the Almightly Father on my behalf. I have prayed novenas to you, to St.

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  • Gerard, to St. Peregrine, to St. Jude and novenas to Jesus to help me in my time of troubles. I am suffering mentally with depression which is severe and also suffering medically. I also have major financial problems and I have been helped in the past by prayer so I am asking again for financial help.

    You have witnessed how I have been this morning so please forgive me for that and ask God to grant me the miracle I pray daily for. All my trust in you I put. God please give us strength to cope with the difficulties in our lives and help that this cloud may soon come to pass. Please restore joy into our lives and help us keep the faith.

    Please Mother Mary pray for us as you are our only hope. Mother of Perpetual Help please intercede on my behalf with Almighty God and help me get out of this continuous nightmare I am going through. With your help and intercession I know I will get through this. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ….. Am addicted to alcohol.

    Please pray to Mother Mary, that through Her powerful intercession, I may get rid of this evil habit. Please pray to our Lord Jesus Christ, that He may grant me strength to give up this alcohol and i could lead a pious life which always please the Almighty God……and also pray, that I can overcome all the temptations of satan…….. Kindly pray for me, that a caring, loving God will bring good things into my life from this day forward, good things in my finances, health, happiness, security e.

    Your time is most appreciated. Mr John King in the United Kingdom. You know all our needs Lord and we trust in your unfailing love. Mother Mary please intercede for us all. Mother of Perpetual Help please end this suffering for me.

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    It is 6 15 in the morning and I have been up out of bed for over an hour now as I have been awake most of the night just like most night. I truly feel I can no longer take this suffering. I constantly worry about losing my home because of the financial nightmare I find myself in and the depression from which I am suffering is worsening each day. Please intercede with Almighty Father on my behalf and ask that I get the financial aid I need. At the moment I have an extremely strong urge to commit suicide. Kindly pray for positive financial energy blessings to flow into my life from my caring, loving creator God, commencing this day forward, bringing me full financial prosperity and security in my life.

    John King in the United Kingdom. Lord,, please help my husband find a job. Remember all those who like him have lost their jobs and are seeking employment.

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    Please pray for us and help us Mother Mary. Mother of Perpetual Help , it is 5 15 in the morning and I ask you to help me get through this day. I am in a very bad and dark place at the minute and have been for some time now so please help to ease my burden.

    Please pray for all the clergy, parishioners and visitors to Westminster Abbey in London, England — that a loving God will bless them all in every way possible. Thank You.

    Praying against every spirit of blockage and barriers

    From Mr John King. Dear Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. Please pray for me, that if there truly is a loving, caring creator God, he will bring me positive blessings in every aspect of my life — finances, health, security, happiness etc commencing this day forward. From John King in the United Kingdom. Mother of Perpetual help — thank-you for all the past favours you have granted me, you have always listened to my prayers and answered them even when at a time i thought they had gone unheard.

    As an extra prayer please pray for those that are suffering medically or mentally in everyday life, please give them strength to get through the bad days and that they will be fit and well soon. Please help me to get a part time suitable job with good people. Please help us Mother , please help us Mother, please help us Mother. In thanksgiving for an answered prayer. God you are forever faithful. Thank you Mother Mary for your intercession. Thank you Lord. John King. Kindly pray for John McTaggart from Derry City in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom — that a caring, loving creator God will outpour positive financial blessings into his life this weekend, bringing him true financial security and prosperity.

    From John King. Please pray for financial abundance, financial blessings and financial miracles to commence flowing into my life this weekend from God, bringing me true financial prosperity and security once and for all. John King in Londonderry, United Kingdom. Kindly pray for me, that a loving, caring creator God will manifest positive financial energy blessings into my life, which will bring me true and full financial abundance, prosperity and security by the conclusion of this weekend. Mother of Perpetual Life please forgive me for asking you to help me again but my situation is becoming dire.

    Please intercede on my behalf and ask Holy Father to grant me the miracle of financial assistance. My home and garden have fallen into a state of neglect to the point where my neighbour has come to my door to tell me to get my hedge cut. Asking for financial help is selfish I know but I have no other option so please forgive me and help me. Please can you pray for all the members of the William King Memorial Flute Band in Londonderry, United Kingdom — that a loving God will bless all the talented members of this superb band.

    Please pray for Nicky Morton from Londonderry, United Kingdom — that a loving God will bless, guide and protect this talented young man this summer time. Please pray that our granddaughter and her school will have a very safe, happy pilgrimage next week. Please pray that our daughter and her family have a very safe, happy,healthy holiday to Spain next sunday.

    Safe, happy holiday in resort and safe happy journey back to the UK. Pray that all our grandchildren have successful results from recent exams they have taken in school. Also, successful news to all people who are waiting for their results at this time of the year. Good luck everyone!!!!!!!! Please pray for Michael Beeton in Londonderry, United Kingdom — that a loving God will bless, guide and protect this kind, talented and brave young man this summer time. From Mr John G King.

    We pray for your guidance,wisdom and protection as we face into the future. Please hear and help us Lord.

    FL8 Setback or Stepping Stone

    Prayer might work for them. Urgently pray for financial miracles, blessings and prosperity to flow and manifest into my life today culminating in my receiving full financial prosperity by the end of the next 48 hours.