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I have been pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of Real Americans on my travels. I love to stumble across things, talking to old men in diners, looking for cheap breakfasts in small town cafes, eating local. I have nothing but good stories of the people and experiences that I have had in my tatting and motorcycling travels. It turns out that a woman traveling alone on a motorcycle can be a good way to get conversations started.

I really am 'my father's daughter' in that I love to talk to people. This is me on one of my motorcycle adventures with my 'Home' aka tent and my motorcycle. My goal in life is to travel and write it off as a business expense. Traveling by way of my motorcycle is my favorite way to spend my travel time. Interlocking rings are very simple to do Interlocking Rings are 'Ring-Only' patterns no chains between ring elements. The space of bare thread between the rings is important to the visual appearance of the finished piece. The bare thread between rings is actually hidden in the piece in the way that the rings stack up.

If in doubt, err of the side of too big of a space of bare thread between rings. It seems to me that judging how big of a space of bare thread between interlocking ring is no different than judging size in any other ring-only pattern.


I have often stated that judging how big of a space of bare thread between ring-only patterns is THE most difficult aspect of tatting! Use of chains that have been defined for the tatter by the pattern designer alleviate this judgement for the tatter. We just follow the ring-chain pattern and it comes out right. Interlocking Rings are innately not stable. When tatted properly shuttle dropped through ring before closing it; appropriate space of bare thread between rings the final effect will appear to be a bunch of tatted rings that do not look like anything you expected. You must coax them into position by twisting the group so that they lay in the same plane.

The bare threads between the rings should be hidden to the back of the work, behind the rings. Then once they are in position and look like 'interlocking rings' you must pin them or sew them to a backing to keep them in place. I'm not sure if starching them stiffly will get them the stability needed for them to stay in place. Attachments: Interlocking Rings Bear with me, I'm trying to figure all this blog and webpage stuff out!!!!

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I have alot of material to sharematerials in the form of handouts that I created for the many teaching events that I have had the privelege to leadand thought this might be a good way to utilize it. I'm going to try to put something out here at least once a week at least that is my initial goal! If there is a rehab groupI will stay away! When I started buying technique books, I was hooked on learning how to manipulate the basics of tatting to create tatting that was far from 'basic'.

I am not one of those tattooed, hard-core types! At some point I got the weird idea of putting my Tatting Technique Junkie skills to a test by creating a Tatted Motorcycle. I started with a picture of a motorcycle that I liked a Triumph and then started creating tatted 'parts'.

Tatting - a Small Square

I did tat each part separately and combined them together onto a piece of linen cloth, pulling the thread ends to the back of the cloth to finish it. The technique I used for the seat I believe to be original.

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At some other point in time I tatted something totally different using these same instructions It seem the best choice to show off all the color components including the grey thread I used for the 'chrome' parts. The ShuttleSmith Tatting. Search this site. Needlework Kits For Sale. Tatting Shuttles For Sale. Contact The ShuttleSmith. Free Split Ring Tatting Pattern.

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Karen Bovard is The ShuttleSmith. Lace Handkerchief Origami. Tatted Baby Sock Pattern.

Subscribe to posts. Well, I came up with a single shuttle split ring in , it was part of the original work I did for my certificate in teaching tatting from the Great Lakes Lake Group. Karen, I was trying to find a way to leave a comment on your recent blog post detailing Thrown Off Rings in shuttle and needle tatting.

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  • A shuttle. Center Medallion. Fasten and break off. Small Medallions. Make 9 more medallions in same way, joining to center p of every other r of center medallion and joining by center p's of 2 r's adjacent to r joining center medallion , thus leaving 3 r's free on outer edge of this rnd. Make another medallion as before, but joining center 3 p's to center 3 p's of center back medallion adjacent to r joining 2nd rnd ; then join next center p to next center p of same medallion and complete rnd.

    Make 10 more medallions, joining 3 p's to previous medallion as before; then join center p of next lr to center p of next lr where last p was joined to 2nd rnd.

    Yarnplayer's Tatting Blog: "Remembrance" tatted ring

    Then join next center p to next center p of next medallion. Continue in this manner around, but leave one lr free at center of each medallion of 2nd rnd. Continue in this manner around until 10 medallions are in the rnd, making 2 joinings on previous medallion made and on each of next 2 medallions. Then draw thread through center sp and tie securely thus a fill-in cluster is made. Hereafter make medallions as for previous rnd and joining 2 r's to fill-in cluster and to each of next 2 medallions.

    Finish rnd with another fill-in cluster. R of 2 ds, lp, 2 ds, joining to center p of 4th r from joining, 2 ds, lp, 2 ds, cl.

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    Continue in this manner, joining every other r on inner edge to 3 free r's of each medallion, making r between each joining and 2 r's between each medallion. All rights reserved. Newsletter Signup. Email Address:. And the tab collar has medallions depended from a tatted heading edging. Motif to create a camisole yoke or bikini top with band or insertion edging.

    This is the corner piece design with a new model by Ninetta Caruso, a butterfly. This is an old-fashioned drawstring coin purse with lots of ruffles. Norma Benporath's 3 Motifs These three medallions appeared in the Jan. Oeillet, Oval, Circle, and Loop all mean Ring. The word oeillet, along with loop, oval and circle are all used to indicate a "ring" in this Mlle Riego pattern from the Royal Tatting book, pg. Coats and Clark Pat Onion Ring Motif Vintage This is an interesting exercise in diagramming and writing patterns.

    An antique German tatting book which has only photos no text, "Die Schiffchenarbeit" offers a challenge. This pattern uses the onion ring tatting elements so often found in antiue patterns. It is labeled "An Oval Tatted Doily. This is the second and final part of the pattern. This pattern caught my attention because of its oval shuttle-like shape. It is from the Home Beautiful Tatting Book 4. Piano Scarf Edging Miss C. This edging may be used to adorn clothing, linens or even turned into jewelry. Add a few beads over the joins and in the centers of the rings and instant necklace!

    And shared from the files of the Online Tatting Class. The Priscilla Tatting books on online for free download. Doilies, cuffs, collars antimacassars. Mignardise edging, Maltese square, pearl beading.