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The CH pilot spotted it [and] identified it as a Boeing If he was too far away to see that, he was too far away to identify the kind of plane it was. Norton, Reagan National controllers then vectored an unarmed National Guard CH cargo aircraft, which had just taken off en route to Minnesota, to identify and follow the suspicious aircraft.

The CH pilot spotted it, identified it as a Boeing , attempted to follow its path, and at 9. Griffin offers no credibility to the many who saw AA Flight 77 crash into the Pentagon. The Wikipedia entry for this item lists several first hand accounts :. On the side where the plane hit, the Pentagon is bordered by Interstate and Washington Boulevard. Omar Campo, another witness, was cutting the grass on the other side of the road when the airplane flew over his head, and later recalled:. I was cutting the grass and it came in screaming over my head.

I felt the impact. The whole ground shook and the whole area was full of fire. I could never imagine I would see anything like that here. Afework Hagos, a computer programmer, was on his way to work and stuck in a traffic jam near the Pentagon when the airplane flew over.

Everybody was running away in different directions. It was tilting its wings up and down like it was trying to balance. It hit some lampposts on the way in. I looked out my window and I saw this plane, this jet, an American Airlines jet, coming. I mean it was like a cruise missile with wings. It went right there and slammed right into the Pentagon. The nose penetrated into the portico. And then it sort of disappeared, and there was fire and smoke everywhere.

Griffin goes further to say the remains of the Flight 77 passengers and debris from the aircraft were not evident following the crash. Again this despite finding the cockpit voice recorder unusable and the flight data recorder from that flight, along with identifiable parts of the aircraft.

Additional examples on request are available. Only a partial subset would suffice. On the list would be the following:.

See a Problem?

Multiple uses of implausible will not. Some may want to defend this book. Any reader wanting to challenge on one or more of these is welcome to engage in a dialog. The line-up: Dr. How can we find spiritual meaning and purpose in a scientific worldview?


There are many sources of spirituality; religion may be the most common, but it is by no means the only. Anything that generates a sense of awe may be a source of spirituality. Science does this in spades. Shermer shows how. Brian Fagan, Dr. Gregory Benford, Dr. Donald Prothero, Dr. Michael Shermer, special guest Michael Crichton, and others to be announced. Every year the Skeptics Society hosts a conference which sees skeptics from all across North America and Europe converge for lively conversation, debate, and collaboration.

Each conference centers around a specific theme, which allows us to cultivate an expert and informative panel of guest speakers. Richard Morrock is a writer based in New York. He has been active with the skeptics movement and has lectured on a variety of subjects to skeptical groups in New York and Philadelphia. He is also involved with the International Psychohistorical Association, of which he has served as vice president and newsletter editor.

9/11 and the American Empire

He is currently working on a book on psychohistory, along with a musical comedy based on the first term of the Bush administration. Most writers on a subject do what is called research on the material, which means reading books, conducting interviews, and tracking down documents. This consumes far too much time and effort for conspiracy buffs like Griffin. His approach consists of asking disturbing questions, ignoring the actual evidence, speculating about the possible answers, assuming the worst-case scenario, and then drawing up his indictment of the administration based on his assumptions, even where they are in flagrant contradiction to widely-known facts.

Given that premise, he argues that the U.

The planes that hit the World Trade Center — Flights 11 and — were actually piloted by remote control, with their command center at No. In addition, the impact of the planes did not cause the buildings to collapse; that was the work of controlled explosions set off inside the Towers. As for the Pentagon, it was a guided missile or, no, maybe a military plane that hit the building, with Flight 77 disappearing inside the smoke and flames. One of the points Griffin raises is why the South Tower collapsed half an hour before the North Tower, although it was struck 15 minutes later.

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From this alleged discrepancy in the official story, Griffin concludes that the government had planted explosives in the WTC the previous weekend, using a power blackout as cover, and had dynamited the buildings. He never considers the other explanation: the South Tower collapsed faster because the plane impacted on a lower floor, and more floors were therefore set on fire.

Any glance at the photograph of the second impact will show this. Griffin actually does claim that No. But what would the motive be? Blowing up an already-evacuated office building after thousands had died in the Twin Towers would seem like a waste of dynamite, not to mention office space. Did Bush think that public opinion had not been sufficiently inflamed by the 3, deaths?

  • Analysis, comments and some sound advice from a seasoned skeptic.
  • Unthinkable Thoughts on 9/11.
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