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The Bodyguard Action Comedy. Directors: Panna Rittikrai, Petchtai Wongkamlao. Chocolate Action Drama. Merantau Kill Zone 2 The Raid 2 Ip Man 2 Action Biography Drama. Ip Man Kill Zone S. Edit Cast Credited cast: Tony Jaa Kham Petchtai Wongkamlao Mark Bongkoj Khongmalai Pla as Bongkod Khongmalai Xing Jin Jones Johnny Nguyen Capoeira Fighter Jon Foo Vincent David Asavanond Kham's Father Amonphan Gongtragan Goong Nutdanai Kong Kham 9 years old Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Dean Alexandrou Vincent's Henchmen Jintana Arromyen Edit Storyline In Bangkok, the young Kham was raised by his father in the jungle with elephants as members of their family.

Language: Thai English Mandarin Vietnamese. Budget: THB,, estimated. Production Co: Sahamongkolfilm Co. Runtime: 83 min theatrical min international.

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Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Goofs During the warehouse fight, when Jaa fights a bunch of Johnny's goons he does the back-flip into a handstand, to avoid the dirt bike. You can clearly see the supposed brick wall move behind him, when Jaa bounces off it. Quotes Inspector Mark : And this is the main Asian market in downtown Sydney, most of the people here are Asian, you know? And Laos! Ultimately the King of Ayutthaya condemns Wanthong to death for failing to choose between the two men. The poem was first written down and published in printed form in , and a standard edition first published in — In Thailand , the story is universally known.

Children learn passages at school, and the poem is a source of songs, popular aphorisms, and everyday metaphors. Phongpaichit in Khun Chang Khun Phaen is an old folk story in the Thai language. It originated as a folk entertainment some time around A. The storytellers recounted the story in stylized recitation, using two small sticks of wood krap to give rhythm and emphasis. The performances typically lasted a full night. The performance of Khun Chang Khun Phaen created a new genre known as sepha. For at least a century, only episodes from this work were known by this term.

In the Fourth Reign — , parts of the royal chronicles and a few other works were also rendered in this form on royal commission, but all but a few fragments have since disappeared.

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The origin of this word sepha is disputed. There is a musical form of the same name, but this seems unconnected. Kukrit Pramoj thought that sepha meant a jail and that the genre was developed by convicts in jail. Sujit Wongthet argued a connection to the Sanskrit word sewa , indicating some original association with ritual. Beginning in the eighteenth century, prominent episodes from the story were written down.

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After the foundation of Bangkok in , the new royal court made efforts to retrieve all kinds of texts which had survived the sack of Ayutthaya fifteen years earlier. Episodes of Khun Chang Khun Phaen were transcribed from earlier texts, or adapted from recitations by storytellers. Performance of these episodes were popular in the court and among the aristocracy. In the Second Reign — , the performance was often enhanced by adding music.

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From the Fourth Reign — , dancing was also added and more than one performer might share the task of recitation. Several chapters were written down by members of the literary salon of King Rama II — Several other chapters were compiled later, probably during the reign of King Rama III , by Khru Jaeng , a performer of sepha and other forms of entertainment. Little is known of him except for an internal reference in the poem. For over half the 43 chapters in the standard version, the author is unknown. A former missionary, Samuel Smith , printed the first book version in , probably using a manuscript belonging to Somdet Chaophraya Borommaha Sisuriyawong.

Another printed version was issued in by the Wat Ko Press. Five episodes composed by Khru Jaeng were printed around The standard modern edition appeared in three volumes in —, published by the Wachirayan Library, and edited by its head, Prince Damrong Rachanubhab.

Damrong compiled from four sets of samut thai manuscripts and a few other fragments. The earliest of the manuscripts dated from the Fourth Reign — He selected what he believed were the best versions of each episode, and added some link passages. He deleted some passages which he considered obscene, and some which depended on topical jokes and other material which he felt were no longer comprehensible.

This standard edition is around 20, lines divided into 43 chapters. The main story ends in chapter 36, but a further seven chapters were included because the episodes were well-known and popular. Performers and authors had already developed many more episodes which extended the story down through three generations of Khun Phaen's lineage. Damrong decreed that these were not good enough as either narrative or poetry to deserve publication.

Around fifty of these later chapters have since been published in various collections. Khun Phaen is handsome and intelligent, but poor because the king has executed his father and seized their property. He enters the monkhood as a novice to get educated, excelling at military skills and love magic. Khun Chang is ugly and stupid, but rich and well-connected at the Ayutthaya court. By age 15, Phim is the belle of Suphanburi. Sparks fly. They have a passionate affair, with him shuttling between the wat Buddhist monastery and her bedroom.

Khun Chang is also smitten by Phim. He competes for her using his wealth and status. He offers to give her mother Phim's weight in gold. After Phlai Kaeo and Phim are married, Khun Chang maneuvers the king to send Phlai Kaeo on military service, and then claims he is dead. When Phlai Kaeo returns victorious, Khun Chang plots to have him banished from Ayutthaya for negligence on government service.

Phim now Wanthong resists Khun Chang's advance. But when Phlai Kaeo now Khun Phaen returns from war with another wife, they have a jealous quarrel. Wanthong goes to live with Khun Chang, enjoying his devotion and the comforts afforded by his wealth.

When Khun Phaen's second wife, Laothong, is taken into the palace by the king, Khun Phaen regrets abandoning Wanthong. He breaks into Khun Chang's house at the dead of night and takes Wanthong away. At first she is reluctant to leave her comfortable life, but the passion rekindles, and they flee to an idyllic but frugal sojourn in the forest. Khun Chang, furious with the elopement, tries to frame Khun Phaen on the ground of treason.


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He tells the king that Khun Phaen is mounting a rebellion. The king sends an army which Khun Phaen defeats, killing two of its officers. A warrant is issued for his arrest. When Wanthong becomes pregnant, Khun Phaen decides to leave the forest and give himself up. At the court trial scene, the charges of rebellion are disproved.

All have won several awards including the prestigious Merlin Award.