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Zelda pulls the dog back and Link begins to wonder why Dowser, who is always nice to new people, does not like Charles. During dinner, Charles brags with tales of his travels, saying he defeated twenty Octoroks with a swing of his axe, to which Link remarks that Octoroks are easy and is not impressed. When the meal is over, Link suggests to the King to have an indoor archery match in order to "teach [Charles] a thing or two. Link nervously awaits his turn, and just as Charles is about to go up to the line, he asks that Zelda hold his scarf for good luck, part of a Morian custom.

Zelda agrees, and Charles makes a bullseye.


Now even more nervous since his reputation as Hyrule's mightiest warrior is at stake, Link begins to choose an arrow when Impa walks towards him and tells him to use the Green Arrow that she puts in his hand, saying it is enchanted with magic. The king congratulates Charles and asks Zelda if it would be too premature to show the knight of Moria the Triforce of Wisdom. Zelda hesitates, stating that they cannot afford to lose the Triforce of Wisdom to Ganon. The shocked king asks Zelda if she believes that Charles is linked to Ganon and goes on to tell Charles that he wishes to show him the Triforce.

Link, who was listening nearby, turns to Impa in outrage. Impa tells him to calm down and hands him a piece of paper into his hand that will guide him on what he should do.

Shadow Prince

The piece of paper, however, is written in ancient Hyrulean Number-Letter Code. When Link deciphers it, it contains the word "Forestall. Zelda explains that the Triforce of Power is in Ganon's hands while the Triforce of Courage is buried deep in Link's heart. The king goes on to say that if the Triforce of Wisdom were to fall in the wrong hands, it could bring ruin upon Hyrule. Charles takes a Morian oath and promises to protect the Triforce, and the king then dubs him a knight of Triforce. Link now has two choices: keep quiet or say something to the king.

Link continues to watch Charles who begins to call forward to the "creatures of the night," crying out in a strange and hideous tongue. This causes for a pack of Bots to appear, and although Link is eager to climb down and fight Charles, he realizes that if he does, he will never find out what Charles is up to.

Link eventually reaches the town of Saria, but no one answers to open the gate. Here, he reaches into his pocket, having either the key given to him by the old man or the magic potion given to him by the Moblin in the Midoro Swamp. Link, finally back in his room, goes to bed to sleep. The next day, Impa wakes him up and tells him that the king has called a Royal Council, mentioning it has to do with Ganon. Before Link heads off, she warns him that if the king needs a champion, he might pick Charles over Link. The King of Hyrule says there have been strange reports from the citizens of Hyrule stating that an entire gang of Darknuts were spotted in the Jungle of Favors , and that a recent thunderstorm caused for Goriyas to fall from the sky.

Fearing for the safety of the Triforce of Wisdom, the king says that they must move the sacred triangle to the Fifth Castle of Ancient Hyrule , which is southeast of North Castle past deserts, rivers and swamps. When Zelda asks who will deliver the Triforce of Wisdom there, the king mentions he has two heroes in mind: Link and Charles. Anxiously, Link awaits the king's decision, and it is soon revealed that Charles will be the one to take the Triforce to the Fifth Castle.

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Link furiously reminds the king of all the brave deeds he has done and claims that Charles can't be trusted because he is evil. The king raises his hand and silences Link, saying he better have proof to back up the serious charge he has raised against Charles. Link rushes through the door, but just then Impa yells out to him and tells him to follow her.

They reach her chambers and Impa informs Link that she used her rune dice and found out a message that tells her about Charles's true identity. Link says that he has already found out that Charles is Ganon, but thanks her anyway and goes off to chase after Ganon. He mounts Cloud and follows Charles's tracks to Midoro Swamp. Eventually he bumps into Charles who has a troop of Moblins behind him, all surrounding Link.

Wondering what everyone will say when he gets back to the palace, he realizes the castle is completely dark. He checks every room but sees that no one answers. Eventually he walks into the banquet hall, where a crowd surprises him and applaud him for saving Hyrule. The king thanks him for defeating Ganon and for bringing back the Triforce of Wisdom safely. Link thanks Impa for her help and Zelda, embarrassed, approaches the young hero and confesses what an "idiot" she was, to which Link replies by saying that maybe she'll now "appreciate the talent here at home. The book ends with the king throwing an arm around Link's shoulder and saying that it's time to celebrate.

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The Shadow Prince The cover of the book. Non-Canon Information. If Link runs back to the castle for help. Link decides to go get help since Zelda shouldn't move until a doctor checks her; moreover, he does not like the idea of bringing a complete stranger to the palace, for he could be one of Ganon 's spies.

He returns to North Castle and brings a doctor back. They then see that Zelda has now stood up and excitedly says to Link that Charles defeated a Darknut and caused the two other Darknuts to run away in fear, leaving only "Rubies" behind. Link, trying not to feel envious, asks the Doctor to check if Zelda is alright; however, he mentions that she is alright. Zelda then suggests they should get back home, since Charles agreed to go to the palace for a visit and she is anxious to introduce him to her father. Link, upset, picks up the rubies and then follows them back to North Castle.

If Link lets Charles take Zelda back to the castle. Zelda pulls Link aside and asks him why he's acting strange, reminding him that Charles has proved he's their friend.

Link eventually holds out his hand to Charles and tells him that he appreciates his help. The knight from Moria places Zelda in the saddle and the two gallop to North Castle while Link runs along beside them, trying to not let Charles see that he's running out of breath. Out of nowhere, however, a Darknut charges at Charles, and he confidently faces the enemy, having two weapons to choose from: his sword or battle-axe.

If Charles uses his axe. Charles uses his axe to deflect the Darknut's attacks. Zelda tells Link to help Charles, but for some reason he is unable to draw his sword since it seems to be stuck to the sheath. Zelda decides to help Charles herself, and the two together defeat the Darknut, with Zelda sarcastically thanking Link for his help.

Before they leave towards the castle, Link picks up the Red Darknut Arrow , saying it has powerful magic. If Charles uses his sword. Charles pulls out a silver sword and tells Zelda to relax, saying his great-grandfather used that sword in the Grindle-Morian Civil War. All the while, Link is unable to pull his sword from the sheath since it seems to have gotten stuck. Charles fights the Darknut as Link still tries to unsheath his sword, but just then, Charles accidentally slashes the roots of a Quaker Tree , causing an earthquake. Just then, the group drops twenty feet into an Underground Tunnel that Link knows is full of Stalfos.

He then notices a piece of paper sticking out of a rock and tells Zelda and Charles he's found a map , hoping that it's not fake. If the map is real. Link hopes the map is real and tells the pair to follow him after examining the routes just as the Stalfos begin to approach them. Eventually, they exit the tunnel, but Zelda realizes that she lost the Rubies she took before leaving the castle. He begins to say something to Charles when the young hero realizes that the knight and the princess are already trotting away. Link keeps the compass in his pocket and decides he will give it to him later.

If the map is fake. Six Stalfos are quickly approaching when Link decides that the map is fake due to it being in an easy hiding place. He tells Zelda and Charles to follow him, and although Zelda tries to stop him, they have no choice but to run after him. With the Stalfos pursuing them, Link tries to get the group out of the tunnel, but trips on a Stalfos since the tunnel is so dark. The page ends with a Game Over as Zelda cries to Link saying that he picked the wrong path, claiming that they'll die at the hands of the Stalfos. If Link chooses the Red Darknut Arrow.

Link chooses the Darknut arrow, reminding himself that it has powerful magic, although he admits that its hidden powers are unclear and only hopes it will help him.


Link fires the arrow; however, halfway through its course, it emanates red smoke and flies towards the ceiling, twirling in circles. The arrow then heads towards Link, who manages to dodge it at first, but then trips on a chair.

The page ends with a Game Over as Link rolls over just as the arrow is headed straight towards him. If Link chooses Impa's green arrow. Link, trusting Impa, chooses her green arrow and confidently steps up to the line, telling Charles to observe how a master marskman does it.

The Shadow Prince

He shoots his arrow but falls way off from the bullseye, and the king declares Charles the winner. Link looks back at Impa and asks what happened, to which Impa just shakes her head and tells him that the arrow that she gave him was indeed magical, and that maybe some powerful force must have thrown it off, making Link suspicious of Charles even more. If Link chooses his usual blue arrow.