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Danture is a cute little fantasy based black and white action adventure game. One Second Cartographer. Guide the wagon to the Inn with only a one second glance at a map. Borderline Games. Tread Lightly. You wake up alone in a dark mansion and only have one lightbulb to help you solve the mystery. Katame Ninja. Jaime Gifte.

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Rhythm game- control bit, collect all data, make you own melody and have fun! Bretton Stagwood. One Box One Button.

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Take control of the production line and get the box to the delivery truck! The Last Safe Room. Only one room. Keep it safe. Avoid damaging it. Tim Krief.


Go Ahead. Plinko your way to the perfect date! Action platformer using only one button. Avoid, Tank, Reflect. One Ping No Pong. Ultra challenging fast paced ping pong target practice! Finite Reflection. Door Knocker. It's time to place door and kick door, and that's all I do.

Backfire Man. When everything you got is a bomb, your plan tends to backfire. Only One Tower. A tower defense where you play as a teleporting evil tower. Lights Out. A platformer in a cave where only one light can be seen at once. Bennett Johnson. Ramen Origins. A multiplayer hack and slash game with only one player.

Only one resource Only one button Only one minute worth of oxygen in your suit. Tiny Sub. Help Tiny Sub escape the sub-aquatic caves! A warehouse platformer with one surprising obstacle.

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SheepDragon Studios. Slow down time, chain up combos, and kill your captors with a single bullet. You have only one moment to look at the level before the lights go out. Then you'll use your memory. Become a guiding light for a ghost in need. Navigate levels using only one of your senses - your hearing!

Dwight Davis. Find your target in a crowd Matt Glanville. One Direction. Light Them Up.

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An ultra-fast paced action game where you have Only One Second to defeat all the enemies in an area. Buddy System. How do you power two robots with only one battery?

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Blade Breaker: Sword Taker. Bein' a samurai aint easy when you break every blade you use! Chicken Hike. Draw a single, continuous line to solve each puzzle. Hive Mind. Collect sugar and destroy the enemy queen in this RTS game.

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Only one Button Holy Arrow. You have only one holy arrow. Only this can kill undeads. Sapro Fight. Only One Minute Before Restart. Levi Moore. You can see only one arm's length ahead One Wheel Drive. It's a racing game, but your car only has one wheel. One question. Your destiny depends on only one question. Sonic Rush. Next Level.

One Critical Minute. A missile has been launched. Armed with an old computer and a notebook, you might just save the world. Relaxing puzzle game about paintings and color. Just A Bos.

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Detective Whodunit. A murder game with a detective with multiple personalities. One Kick Man. Colonel Sandwich. Naughty Knight - JAM edition. A funny puzzle game inspired by chess. Bounded Box. You can move a box only one time. Get out of the warehouse while you still have moves left. Sb7 Games. A pinball world with only one flipper. Willem Rosenthal. Happy Accident. Cryptic Silver Games. Party Talk Simulator. Talk to three random people at a party, but only communicate with one word. Recklessly deliver pelmeni and kvass while pumping hardbass. Le Von. Plan of Attack. The card game where you draw one card and it's not how beefy your card is, but how you use it that counts.

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