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Nearly an hour later, after having read countless contradictory reviews and pondering far too many choices, I felt grumpy and tired and simply gave up. The next day, I happily bought the only toilet brush the local dollar store offered. Too many choices exhaust us, make us unhappy and lead us to sometimes abscond from making a decision all together. And the anticipation that they will regret their choice increases. Understanding how and why we make decisions can perhaps help us make better choices down the line.

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We make poorer decisions when we are tired. The mind can only sort through so many options and make so many choices before it starts to run out of steam. No one gets successful by just wishing. Action is the perfect ingredient of progress. There are people who like to hitchhike in every adventure you take.

They scratch your back because you scratch theirs. When the test of life comes, they immediately hide pretending not to see any of your pains. You cannot drag these people along with you. Not because you hate them, but because they do not belong in your ecosystem. They need to find theirs. Bringing them along will hurt both of you. Your progress slows down because you need to accommodate for them.

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No ecosystem survives with only parasitic relationship. Let go of people who are only around for their personal benefit. When you do, you allow them to find where they truly belong. Many people lose their true purpose as they seek to find that one purpose. I believe that our purpose in life is to fulfill the mini purpose we have each day. It differs from each person.

Look around you right now. You have a purpose to fulfill to your partner, child, community, and others around you. By being present and open to address those, you will eventually find your true purpose. It is about how useful you are to the lives of others.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson says:. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. We control nothing in this world except the way we respond to circumstances. Even if we prepare our blueprint for success, God decides the outcome.

Learn to acknowledge that His plans are better than yours. He can give you the opportunities that are perfectly crafted for you. When failures come, He wants you to learn something. If you persevere, He will lead the right destination for you. Many people whine all day about the things they lack instead of sharpening the tools they have. They find excuses in every possible way to justify their complacency.


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Life does not cater well to these kinds of people. Some people with deficiencies perform better than those with complete facilities. They do not sit down feeling sorry for themselves. They do not curse anyone for the situation they have. Instead, they use those deficiencies to inspire others. They tap the other areas they have. Their mission is bigger than their sorrows. Their motivation is stronger than their deficiencies. Jon Morrow cannot move anything except his face, but he can write a very powerful blog post that resonates with his readers.

Charles Steinmetz ignored his dwarfism and focused to excel with his mind. Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs but inspires people to rise above trials through his words. Helen Keller became a well-known author, activist, and lecturer despite being deaf and blind.

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What excuses are you telling yourself? A boy was considered a troublemaker when he was young. His mother died at an early age. His father and brothers thought he was bad, so he embodied that trait instead of proving them wrong. When he found out his father is going to remarry, he was determined not to accept the new wife. As he meets his stepmom, he gave her the coldest welcome one could ever have.

Not at all. Her words and wisdom inspired him to have confidence. Her unshakeable faith motivated him to be a better boy and successful man that the world came to know as Napoleon Hill. When you are feeling lost or powerless, hearing from someone you value gets you back in motion.

Find that person who believes in you. Seek his memories when self-doubts are killing your dreams.

2. They care too much about what people think (and fear judgment in failure).

Are you brave enough to confront these truths of life? Will you allow them to be your enemies or advisers? Many people will ignore these truths, but they can serve as wisdom to direct your path. Life responds well to those who are paying attention to it. You can embody the work designed for you. Linked lists on the other hand unconditionally waste space per element.

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