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Richard A. The Rhoton Collection. Lewis P. Howard L.

Modern Immunohistochemistry with DVD ROM Cambridge Illustrated Surgical Pathology

Paul W. Brazis, Joseph C. Marshall B. Allen , Ross H. Alleyne Jr. Jonathan S. Citow , R. Anne G.


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Richard G. Ellenbogen , Saleem I. Abdulrauf , Laligam N. Mark S. Andrew H. Anne J. Moore , David W. Cranium only.

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Spine only. Connolly , E. Setti S. Modern Immunohistochemistry. Peiguo G. Chu , Peiguo Chu , Lawrence Weiss. Diagnostic pathology is an inherently flawed science due to the many possible interpretations of various tissues.

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However, the application of immunohistochemical stains as a diagnostic tool has been widely used since the s as an extremely effective ancillary technique that removes much subjectivity from the practice. With the changes in many medical school curriculums to a clinically-based curriculum, this book provides a cutting-edge approach to endocrine pathophysiology. This issue of Neuroimaging Clinics focuses on the endovascular treatment of pathology in adults and children. Topics include cerebral aneurysms, cerebral vasospasms, dural fistulas, carotid stenosis, acute ischemic stroke, vascular malformations, and more.

Escourolle and Poirier's Manual of Basic Neuropathology. This thorough, yet concise manual covers the full spectrum of the various categories of neurologic disease, including neoplasia, trauma, vascular disease, and infection, with separate chapters on prion diseases, multiple sclerosis, degenerative disorders, acquired metabolic diseases, hereditary metabolic diseases, congenital malformations, perinatal diseases, skeletal muscle, peripheral nerve, and the pituitary gland.

Forensic Neuropathology. Listed under: neuropathology ; Textbook chapters: Forensic pathology.

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It presents new perspectives and rules regarding expert testimony and evidence admissibility occasioned by Daubert and related Supreme Court cases. The book explores how these rulings affect forensic pathologists, neuropathologists, and other potential experts as well as how they interact with the legal system.

Frozen Section Library: Endocrine Organs.

Written by expert surgical pathologists, Frozen Section Library: Endocrine Organs presents common and practical problems including follicular adenoma versus follicular carcinoma, papillary thyroid carcinoma versus reactive change and freezing artifact, follicular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma, and medullary thyroid carcinoma. Anaplastic carcinoma, thyroid lymphoma, resection margin of a pancreatic endocrine tumor, pheochromocytoma within an adrenal gland and extra- adrenal gland, parathyroid tissue versus a thyroid tissue and versus a lymph node are also explored in detail.

All chapters are illustrated with color pictures and accompanied legends. Greenfield's Neuropathology. Greenfield's Neuropathology, the world's leading neuropathology reference, provides a comprehensive account of the pathological findings in neurological disease, their biological basis, and their clinical manifestations. The book's detailed advice on pathological assessment and interpretation is based on clear descriptions of molecular and cellular processes and reactions that are relevant to the development of the nervous system, as well as its normal and abnormal functioning.

Listed under: neuropathology ; Textbook chapters: CNS nontumor. Neuroanatomy and Pathology of Sporadic Alzheimer's Disease.

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As indicated by its title, this monograph deals chiefly with morphologically recognizable deviations from the normal anatomical condition of the human CNS. The AD-associated pathology is illustrated from its beginnings sometimes even in childhood to its final form, which is reached late in life.

The AD process commences much earlier than the clinically recognizable phase of the disorder, and its timeline includes an extended preclinical phase. Solve your toughest neurodiagnostic challenges with Neuropathology, 3rd Edition - the most information-packed, extensively illustrated neuropathology reference available! An expert author team presents more than 3, high-quality images - nearly all in full color - to provide unmatched visual guidance on the microscopic and gross pathologic presentation of a full range of neurologic diseases.

Save time diagnosing neuropathology specimens with Neuropathology, part of the growing High-Yield Pathology Series.

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Anthony Yachnis and Dr. Marie Rivera-Zengotita help you review the key features of neuropathology specimens, recognize the classic look of each disease, and quickly confirm your diagnosis.

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  • A logical format, excellent color photographs, concise bulleted text, and authoritative content will help you accurately identify hundreds of discrete disease entities. This practical guide to the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases discusses modern molecular techniques, morphological classification, fundamentals of clinical symptomology, diagnostic pitfalls and immunostaining protocols.

    It is based on the proteinopathy concept of neurodegenerative disease, which has influenced classification and provides new strategies for therapy. Numerous high-quality images, including histopathology photomicrographs and neuroradiology scans, accompany the description of morphologic alterations and interpretation of immunoreactivities. Diagnostic methods and criteria are placed within recent developments in neuropathology, including the now widespread application of immunohistochemistry.

    To aid daily practice, the guide includes diagnostic algorithms and offers personal insights from experienced experts in the field. Special focus is given to the way brain tissue should be handled during diagnosis. This is a must-have reference for medical specialists and specialist medical trainees in the fields of pathology, neuropathology and neurology working with neuropathologic features of neurodegenerative diseases. The book is packaged with a password, giving the user online access to all the text and images.