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When Ginger's commitment starts with her branding, she knows how serious Tom is about her compliance to his sexual desires. Leather and steel. How Tom dresses Blue sets the tone for the bondage that she transform her into Theta. Her ritual masturbation is preparing her sex for the same. Each scene is one of many small changes that Angel takes on the path to regular rubber wear, play, and her partner's extreme enjoyment of her body.

All toward achieving a living representation of wet and open.

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Overlooking the placid Pacific while reminiscing about Azure's tests of his lust, Tom ponders her pleasures. Their rough play and his natural Atlantic turbulence contrasts with the quiet of Southern California. Tom and Blue's sexy phone chat gets hot when Blue uses two fingers instead of one. It's the type of bad behaviour Tom likes to reward!

Alice's hunger for a good fisting and eager giggles whenever she sees an enormous dildo means helping Alice have a good time is all about ruining her for other men! The tickling pleasure and pain of suction bring Moon's sexy lips to blossom. Lovely pink flesh framing her open sex, kept spread wide with their inventions, encourages Ian and puts a smile on her face.

After growing accustomed to intense sensations from Tom's big sex toys, his girlfriend needs time to sort out her feelings. She's also struggling with how much wrecking her bottom has become a big turn-on. A quick field guide to prepare you for Angel's needs and desires. More than you'd expect from a petite sexy brunette. When Jenny comes over to visit Tom, he has the fireplace lit, a glass of wine out, and plans to devour every bit of her and then enjoy filling her over and over again.

It may be just one night, but Tom will definitely make the most of it. Blue just needs some gentle reminders to remember to wear her anal plug.

That's what pleases Tom, and she wants him to be happy. Don't you wish there was someplace to learn how to be really good at sex?

To get rid of all the worries and fear, move past the hurtful words and sense of impending rejection, because you certifiably know what you're doing? Daphne comes to Ronin's academy hoping to be better. Tom beckons and Theta knows what her sexual responsibilities are. How could she forget with the heavy piercings in her labia as a constant reminder?

His fist and her horse dildo just prove that Theta's ready to serve his desires. Angel's determined to enjoy herself however she wants. She may not share all the details with Ronin, but his big toys are forcefully driving her to orgasm. Tom leads Abbey to crave what he enjoys. Being pushed harder and harder turns out to be more exciting than she expected, and Tom enjoys writing whatever he wants on her, too. Tom knows Angel is wearing out her welcome. So he proposes what he really expects from her. It's an end game move. Each time Tom meets with Jenny he wants more.

Recognizing how much he desires her, Tom takes her to dinner and proposes she consider being his assistant.


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Will Jenny assume the position? When Ginger doesn't follow directions, Tom has a sex machine ready to drive home his requirements. Once she's mounted on the motorized box, Ginger will get the deep thrusting necessary to keep her openings ready. Tom's caught by surprise when Blue dives into pony play. He'll need to organize his thoughts after their heated phone sex - to make sure she gets the proper training for a pretty foal.

Nishtha invites Ronin into her room with sex on her mind. While Alice sleeps off the prior night's fetish party, Ronin sinks into his pretty new lady friend to enjoy her intimate pleasures. Blue's heavy labia piercings are just part of their pony girl pleasure. Tom keeps pressing her further to become his Theta - while fisting and filling her in so many ways!

Tom's message to Angel encourages her dildo play. He thoroughly enjoys the hard workouts she's giving herself - front and back! Tom takes Angie from one orgasmic peak to another while encouraging her to open up sexually. She only needs to remember from here on that he owns her. Tom will make certain Angie feels that intimately. Natalya participates in an extreme toy photo shoot. What she doesn't know is that Max is also shooting video when he starts fisting her bottom. Natalya works the crowd at a fetish party to get what she wants, and the name of what she wants is Nicolas.

When she returns to Max's room, she's ready for another orgasm. He'll join the big dildo stuffed inside of her. The embedded hypnotic suggestions to boost Angel's libido drive her into sexual frenzies. Angel struggles with always being wet and turned on. Ronin lets Azure negotiate her own terms, but he will demand she accept being shaped by his will.

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Regardless of his intentions, it's Tom and Azure who reach an understanding while she dominates other men and women in the end. Azure gets flogged while flipper noses into her wetness. Her body submits to pleasure, and she can't deny wanting another hard stroke from Ronin's flogger. Angel's world is coming apart while the Tom's hypnotic influence destroys her sexual self-control. Broken and upset, she can't handle it anymore.

Bath time inspires lusty thoughts. Jenny knows Tom would love to know how she's riding the big dildo he gave her. And she's going to need to keep riding it because Tom won't just fist her once. Angel rides a thick dildo for her own pleasure. The sex toy touches her in ways no man can.

Marie is the surprise super woman that Ronin has been looking for! She embraces his hunger for women that will pursue intense desires with gold star eagerness! Tom craves the pleasure of slowly fisting his girlfriend's bottom. The challenge will be convincing her to go along with his plan. With a chastity belt holding a water filled dildo and her plug in place, Angel's ready to go out with Tom. The secrets under her skirt are intense reminders of fulfilling pleasures! Moon shudders with pleasure while Ian pushes his fingers in alongside his fist.

It's so much more delicious than the cold steel of the speculum! With both her Fleshlights in, she has two lovely pink slots for alleyway quickies. If any man wants more then he has to accept that she enjoys being wonderfully stretched and open! His plan may seem in jeopardy, but Tom's girlfriend is passionate about riding the massive Swelled Head dildo.

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Is he too fixated on her bottom to enjoy her blossoming sex? Marie picks her dates with an eye on their big hands! After Ronin uses his motorized mount for the equine speculum to fully stretch her open, she's grown bold and upfront about the sort of satisfaction she requires. Do it your own way, Lucy style!

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Lucy keeps Ronin as her special booty call. Wearing a butt plug satisfies her own lust and pacifies Ronin's frustration. Her sexual boasts and jibes are typical Natalya bravado!

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With the equine speculum ready, Max intends to put her bottom to the test. All the work Ronin did early on made it possible for her new partner to finish breaking Marie in with both his fists. Time to show off by riding the massive Cannon dildo! Daphne was a sexual innocent looking for a little attention and respect when she sucked Nicolas in with her flirting and need for something more. Their teasing romance starts a torrid sexual affair between the virgin and her older neighbor.

It's the little things that should never be said. Tom's girlfriend gets emotional when she realizes playing with big dildos has changed the appearance of her sex, but there's more going on than Tom realizes.

Daphne keeps turning up the heat, and she finally pushes Nicolas to take her virginity. It's just the start of the sexual training she dares Nicolas to provide her. His heated demands provoke immediate arousal. Improbable lust proves her delight when it comes to sharing pleasure with him.

Her lover tries to hold back while she grinds against his shaft.