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Lyrical, rich with word-play, and with the narrative tension of the classic quest stories, this is Salman Rushdie at his very best. It's like a bridge, built between generations, fabulous and strange and from the heart". It captures brilliantly that moment when adults enrapture children by behaving like children themselves". For the latest books, recommendations, offers and more. By signing up, I confirm that I'm over View all newsletter.

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Apr 02, Deanna Drai Turner rated it it was amazing. Take your grandmother's Oster blender out of the attic. I hardly know anything about this man. I heard tell on the wind that there is a price on his head, a contract out on him, paid assassins on his heels for one of his books So was unsure what I was getting into when I picked up this book. Not knowing the bigger why of that issue, I set all that aside and dove in to Luka's world.

Luka and the Fire of Life by Salman Rushdie – review

It was old yet new. Unexpectedly fresh, clever, fun, but surprisingly woven with depth that beg contemplation on human relationships, including the one we have with ourselves. This is an adventure of a young boy, painted with the flavor of an Ancient East Indian fairy tale, but referenced to our modern world. Luka enters his rite of passage into manhood by seeking the Fire of Life, in order to prevent his dear father and best friend from dying.

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Along the way he stumbles 'left' into the world of magic, with his dog named Bear and his bear named Dog It is a story of friendship and hardship. A story of a journey to the core The landscapes are unorthodox and enchanting. Very witty. Sometimes daunting.

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Always interesting. Luka meets nonconformists, eccentrics, mavericks, has-beens and lost-souls He loses his life several dozen times, faces into the nightmarish angst that tears apart his belly yet keeps getting back on the magic carpet and flies. Add in herds of abandoned gods from Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Sumeria and the like, an 8 legged horse, bottomless pits, fanatical rats, the lake of wisdom, elephantine memory birds, paper airplanes and Angelina Jolie.

Repeatedly, I could not stop laughing out loud every time the great god RA yelled at Luka in hieroglyphs.

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OMG so funny This is a hard book to review because it is so fertile, so juicy with so many toothsome threads, I cannot do it justice, other than to say Not one to be missed. He gave me glee and grace and morsels of wisdom sewn inside folly. Genius mind. Thanks Sal for the monsters, the mayhem and the magic.

View 1 comment. Although I'm not a fan of fantasy genre, I think Luka and the Fire of Life is a well written novel with highly creative language and it is full of puns! A very creative and dreamlike piece. This book may appeal kids because it's some sort of video games, where Luka embarks on a journey to the magical world in order to save his father's life. However, how childish and imaginative this may seem, it is also kind of heavy as the author weaves the story together Although I'm not a fan of fantasy genre, I think Luka and the Fire of Life is a well written novel with highly creative language and it is full of puns!

However, how childish and imaginative this may seem, it is also kind of heavy as the author weaves the story together with philosophy, politics, social critics, forklore and ancient myths.

Rushdie has created an entirely new take on the stereotypical child's journey by weaving it in diversities from cultures around the world. Simply amazing. Mar 20, Kavitha Sivakumar rated it it was amazing. BR with Aka. Haroun's adventure was play of words, simple and sweet. Whereas Luka's adventure is complex, what with meeting the mythical creature of, literally, the entire world! Imaginative and so magical. I love the alternate, dreamy tale with video game story like.

begolftikika.tk Luka and his adventure, all those characters that he encountered throughout his journey to save his father who is unwell at home-- so intriguing and thrilling. I'm quite fascinated with all philosophical and historical pinch inside the narrative, making it more entertaining. Though it was such a simple story line, wording and plot was an attention grabber, all the wordplay-- humorous and fun.

I love it very Imaginative and so magical. I love it very much. I really want to like Salman Rushdie but this one I didn't end up liking.

Salman has the long wandering stories that, for me, you have to be in a specific mood to get into. It wasn't that time. I would like to try this again at another time. A feel-good Disneyesque romp that is replete with witticisms and wordplay, this book is as different from Midnight's Children as night and day in terms of content and delivery.

More importantly, it lacks the depth of an adult novel and the levity of a children book. Where is the character development? While it's meant to be an adventure into a magical world, you never quite feel the peril or excitement that accompanies it - everything flashes and dances like a video game on fast forward. One almost gets A feel-good Disneyesque romp that is replete with witticisms and wordplay, this book is as different from Midnight's Children as night and day in terms of content and delivery.

One almost gets the feeling that this is a form of literary fast food, meant to be readily consumed with no real sustenance. Aug 19, Mayra Nakamura rated it really liked it. It is because of fantasy that I think Rushdie did not disappoint. He managed to create a fabulous magical world that exists alongside the "real world" "our" world. The alluring thing about this particular magical universe is that it concentrates elements ranging from mythology to pop culture in a contemporary setting that owes everything to video games. The narrator delights in storytelling as much as Luka's father and, with it, allows the reader to become engaged with this fantasy.

This is not a book about the "deeper meaning of the human condition" if such a thing even exists , but it is a book that relishes in stories and the art of telling them, which is something we tend to forget but is essential to our being human. Apr 19, Neeraja S rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Little did he realize that he had to be careful of what he wished for. Luka desperately races into the World of Magic to steal the Fire of Life for his father. This is again a fun, fantastical adventure on the surface. The real-to-life experiences are sometimes so vivid, it becomes hard to separate our real identity from that of the virtual avatar. But I find it hard to agree If anything, this book has a lot more convoluted and deep references to reality than the previous book.

My hypothesis is that the Fire of Life is the symbol for the ephemeral spark within us that defines our unique Life. A certain crackle of spark and fire within us fuels our drive to live, and keeps us alive. But where is that fire located? Is it in the depths of our mind? Or locked at the bottom of our heart? Perhaps we can learn about this fire only during that defining moment in the past when we came to life?

If so, can we travel back the River of Time to get to that moment? Our memories get us only so far into the past How do we cross that chasm? Luka seems to travel into that point of Infinity beyond the realms of memory, to fetch the Fire of Life. The adventure makes him focus on the aspect that matters most to him, and that energizes his will to survive.

To Rashid, the Fire of his Life is Luka himself - the apple of his eyes, who seemed to have coagulated Time for him. It can also be argued that in addition to Luka, Rashid's unparalleled talent to tell stories is his main goal that keeps his Fire burning. Again, I may have read too very much between the lines, as always. But according to me, it sends an optimistic message that we can conquer our fate, and win the battle against Time, if we can keep our inner Fire fueled. Feb 18, Crystal King rated it it was amazing.