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Let us now look at how to tell a man by his shoes. The manner in which shoes are cleaned and the duration of cleaning them, makes them look classy and elegant.

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Frequency of cleaning the shoe has to be high. If the shoes are clean enough, then it is quite evident that the person is well mannered and takes immense care of himself and the place he lives in. If you are a woman trying to judge a man by his shoes, you can rest assured that a man with clean shoes will take care of you as well.

If you want to know how to tell a man by his shoes check out the various kinds of shoes and what they reveal about the wearer, below:. Men who are seen wearing boat shoes have an eye for details.

Check His Footwork: What His Shoes Say About Him | MadameNoire

The smallest of things that are usually overlooked by most people, will catch the eye of this man. In other words, such men are simple and explore the minutest and fine things that are happening in the world. Moderately stylish, they seem to be the most understanding of the lot. These kinds of men are mostly game-centric and perhaps athletic too. Their whole life revolves around playing a particular or a set of games. People like them like to enjoy their own space and are likely to be self oriented, only exception being any activity related to sports.

Women do not find this appealing in the least because it forces a woman into thinking, feeling, behaving and acting like a man. Some women may accept a weak man i. Some guys treat their interactions with women in a formal, business-like manner, rather than being light-hearted and down to Earth. Aww, how sweet. A man without goals, who is not a forward thinker and has no plans for the future, is a big turn off for almost all women except for desperate, unattractive or insecure women who want a broken man.

A typical, normal woman wants to be with a man who has the potential to look after her and her offspring if the relationship gets to that stage.

Trying to Attract Women With Superficial Traits

If a woman is attractive, she wants to sense that you know that you are more than good enough for her, without you having rub it in her face by bragging, showing off, etc. Watch this video to understand why attractive women want a guy who knows that he is more than good enough for her…. As you will discover by watching the video above, attractive women are bored of the approach that most guys use on them.

Some guys are so concerned about their outward appearance e.

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A woman may find his outward appearance appealing at first, but if he cannot back it up with other qualities she will not be interested in the guy for very long. The more you worry about your appearance, the more will think and behave like a girl or a gay guy. Personally speaking, I approach fashion like this: I get good clothes and shoes that suit my lifestyle and that are fashionable and then I stop thinking about it. Ultimately, getting a woman to feel attracted for you is about displaying the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women.

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How To Tell A Man By His Shoes

Blown off, led on, whatever you wasnt to call it. What didI do wrong? Maybe her baby woke up? Maybe her baby daddy came over?

Do Women Look at Men’s Shoes?

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