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Full submission guidelines are available by visiting: www. John Updike once said, "Creativity is merely a plus name for regular activity. Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better. We are excited to receive your submissions and will diligently work to bring you the best in full poetry collections, novellas, graphic novels, short fiction, poetry, graphic narrative, photography, art, and interviews. We also offer our submitters a premium option to receive an acceptance or rejection letter within one week of submission; many authors are offered editorships and interviews.

To polish your fiction, note our editing service, too. The Shore is an online poetry publication seeking cutting, strange, and daring work from new and established poets alike.

4 TALES OF SUBMISSION--A Kinky Bundle of Domination and BDSM Short Stories from Steam Books

We want poems that explore the worlds of things and ideas, that recognize the liminality, the shifting of everything around us and our ability to name a thing whole. We want poems that press and push and ache and recede. Send us your best. We accept simultaneous submissions as long as you notify us if the piece is accepted elsewhere, but we do not accept reprints. A Special Issue on the State of Mississippi. Poems with any themes related to the state of Mississippi or experiences of living or working in Mississippi are welcome. Cutoff date is March 30, , but prefer earlier submissions.

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Essays on Mississippi writers, musicians, and artists are also welcome. Essays should conform to the current MLA Style. No previously published material or simultaneous submissions will be considered. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope to guarantee a return of your manuscript.

4 TALES OF SUBMISSION--A Kinky Bundle of Domination and BDSM Short Stories from Steam Books

Visit us at libguides. Flexible Press is teaming up with Split Rock Review for an anthology that explores the current state of the natural environment through poetry. All proceeds go to an environmental nonprofit. Simultaneous submissions and previously published works OK. No submission fee! Reading period: September 1 to December For guidelines, visit flexiblepub.

Hot Dish Magazine , an online journal serving a bubbling mixture of poetry and fiction by teens grades , wants your voice to be heard! We award cash prizes for fiction, poetry, and the Hot Dish Challenge. This year's Hot Dish Challenge is a picture challenge, where authors select one given picture to write a poem or short story about.

Visit us at www. Submit for free by January 5, , at hotdishmagazine. Send us your zany, innovative best fiction, poetry, and CNF. We publish bimonthly, and year round. Reviewers can also add further comments that they want you or the Program Committee to see. If you do this, your submission should get a high rating. Of these, the contribution and its significance are the most important.

Your contribution should offer CHI attendees, and readers of the proceedings, something that adds to what they could have learned from existing publications.

HCI is a very broad field, and it opens up a correspondingly broad range of possible contribution types. This list is not exhaustive, but it encompasses many past CHI research contributions. This contribution should be made clear in the abstract as well as the submission itself, outlining its direct significance to the field of HCI. If you are in a position to make a contribution to HCI, there will be people who stand to benefit from it.

For example, if you are presenting a new interaction technique for small screens, it will be of potential use to people involved in developing handheld computers. A case study describing how you developed a new interactive product will probably catch the eye of HCI educators looking for teaching materials.

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The benefit to be gained from your contribution will be one consideration that reviewers take into account. As you write your submission, therefore, keep in mind the kinds of people you think might benefit from reading it. Think also about how this might happen — what kinds of problems might readers be facing to which your contribution could provide the solution?

Try to make sure that the submission explains the contribution in sufficient detail for the full benefit to be extracted. If your paper is accepted, you will need to provide with your submission a word statement of contribution and benefit. This statement is not part of your submission, but is included in the final program to help the audience decide what papers to attend.

We suggest it may be useful to draft this statement before you begin writing your submission, to help keep the contribution and benefit in sharp focus. Otherwise readers will find it hard to judge whether they can confidently take up your ideas, and thus gain the benefits you are claiming to offer. Reviewers are therefore asked to assess the validity of the results you are presenting.

Demonstrating validity is one of the most challenging aspects of writing CHI Papers. Reviewers often cite problems with validity as the reason to reject a submission. For this reason it is risky to leave validity issues for example, evaluating a design until the last minute. Again, the steps you take depend on the contribution type. For example, if you are providing an incremental improvement to a well-known technique, such as a new or refined type of menu capable of reducing errors in selecting menu items, you will probably run a careful and convincing experiment to measure error rates with this and other types of menu.

If you have come up with a system to support a new way of collaborative writing, you may try to evaluate it in real-world conditions, offering it to a group of co-authors for use in a joint writing task, and conducting studies to determine how the system helps them — and what problems it introduces. If you have developed a new design or evaluation methodology, you may compare with other methodologies, or you may want to report on your experiences in using it. If you are developing a theory that contributes principles, concepts, or models on which work in HCI might be based, you will probably what to argue or demonstrate the value of that theory, e.

Bear in mind that reviewers of Papers submissions often mention issues of an obvious or important nature that have not been addressed by the authors. They often criticise authors for conducting studies without adequate theoretical basis, or for not providing enough evidence or sound reasoning for claims. A further concern is lack of justification for design choices and not explaining why certain design features have been included. In summary, you should explain not only what you did, but also why you did it , so that readers including reviewers can be convinced that you made appropriate choices.

Explaining your choices can also stimulate more research by helping others see alternative approaches. Originality in your submission will help it get accepted in two ways. Hi, I know it has been several months since you asked this question and you may have had it answered already, but the answer is to use italics. Your passage should look something like this:.

Like a virgin… in italics Mary smiled at him. Touched for the very first time… in italics.

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Who submits on paper these days? For that matter who accepts paper submissions?? One of the issues I did have with the list was how to separate the chapter number and title. When I began attempting to write Science Fiction short stories, just last year, I had a rude awakening! One of them uses a third-party service that receives a word document, prints it and delivers it to their office.

The other one does not even do that!

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They demand a paper manuscript!! They just disappear into the void, gone, forgotten, ignored. Only one earned me the courtesy of an email rejection letter. Far from it. I am saying have realistic expectations!

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Then he went the ePub route, garnered some notice there with the eBook, and then suddenly Crown wanted his book. As an unknown author, zip, nada, swabo, nit and zilch! As a successful eBook author, suddenly he was hot property. The movie comes out in ! So, my advice is, yes, jump thru the hoops and send it to the publishers. But once sent, forget about them, and put it out as an eBook.