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Jim Davis is composed of 4 names. You can examine and separate out names. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Main page Picture gallery 1 Rating statistics If you like Jim Davis 1 This page covers the author of Garfield at Large. For other authors named Jim Davis, see the disambiguation page. Acres Goes Half Hog!

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Comics Manga. About Jim Davis. Jim Davis. Potato Head. Davis' childhood on a farm parallels the life of his cartoon character Garfield's owner, Jon Arbuckle, who was also raised on a farm with his parents and a brother, Doc Boy. Jon, too, is a cartoonist, and also celebrates his birthday on July Davis attended Ball State University. While attending Ball State, he became a member of the Theta Xi fraternity.

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He earned the dubious honor of earning one of the lowest cumulative grade point averages in the history of the university, an honor incidentally shared with Late Show host David Letterman. Davis as of resides in Muncie, Indiana, where he and his staff produce Garfield under his company, Paws, Inc. He was married to Carolyn, a singer and elementary teacher whom he met while both were attending college, and has a son named James with her. However, the couple divorced, and Davis since has been married to Jill, Paws' senior vice president of licensing, who has worked there approximately 25 years.

Une lasagne pour mon royaume

A visit from Barnum's Circus was an important event on the year's calendar, with 20, people seeing the main attraction in one day. Porter also claimed to have been an exhibition skater. Roller-skating became a craze for the first time in the mid s. During the winter of Connellsville had two indoor skating rinks.

At their height, the rinks offered recreational skating in which the sexes mingled in casual social contact.

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Rink managers drew customers by presenting exhibition skaters, bicycle acts, and variety companies. They organized competitions and sponsored "a neck-tie and apron social. Porter thus associated himself with the three major forms of popular culture then making their appearance in Connellsville: the opera house, the circus, and the skating rink.

The emergence of commercial, popular culture in Connellsville during the s produced a cultural split within the town's middle class. The rise of various amusement forms challenged what Alan Trachtenberg has called a virtually official middle-class image of America that was "a deliberate alternative to two extremes, the lavish and conspicuous squandering of wealth among the very rich, and the squalor of the very poor. It was centered in the churches, which provided an array of lectures and other educational opportunities. Among these were several examples of pre-cinematic screen entertainment.

The opera house, the circus, and the skating rink did not attempt to educate their patrons; they sought instead to address their desires. They drew middle-. Trying to revive these older forms of community entertainment, some lectures were moved to Newmyer Opera House; attendance, however, did not improve. The pro-amusement Keystone Courier reported its arrival with derisive headlines, calling the group "a case of misdirected energy. Porter's early experiences reflect the extent to which the American middle class participated in the amusement realm.

Too often commentators link the "official" cultural programs of churches and elites with the entire Protestant middle classes. Too often informality, camaraderie, and frivolity are located within the working classes.

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Yet important, probably dominant, elements of the Connellsville middle class did not conform to this Victorian ideal or stereotype. They undoubtedly had strong ties to the plebeian culture described by Francis G. Rather, cultural divisions within classes are at least as important when examining leisure activities. A poor student who abandoned his formal education at an early age, [57] Ed Porter was inspired by the mythic Thomas Edison, famous stories of whose exploits and childhood were already celebrated in the press.

The literature emphasized Edison's natural genius, which flourished without formal schooling, his unequaled instinct for useful inventions, and the assumed benefits of technology. As an adolescent he sold newspapers on a train. In , according to a later interview, Edward switched from "news butcher" to telegraph operator, working for the Pittsburgh, McKeesport and Youghiogheny Railroad at Demmler, located between Connellsville and Pittsburgh.

If this interview is correct, Porter began to work as a telegraph operator at the age of fourteen, beating his future employer by a precocious year. In the process he acquired a familiarity with electricity that was to help him enter the motion picture industry. Connellsville and Porter's family were preoccupied with progress and being "up-to-date. After working as a telegraph operator for three or four years, Porter "took up the plumbing trade.

Garfield - Tome 13 - Je suis beau ! (French Edition)

In September plumbers were "busy putting in the pipes. Assuming its resources to be limitless, the gas company left street lamps on twenty-four hours a day, which exhausted its supply of gas within only a few years. No doubt this was a compelling reason for Connellsville to acquire an electric light system in In September a group of Connellsville businessmen formed an electric light company and received the local franchise.

The generators and equipment used to supply alternating current were purchased from the Westinghouse Company, based in East Pittsburgh.


Electric street lights were turned on in Porter's hometown on February 15, In another few weeks electricity was illuminating stores and residences of Connellsville and neighboring New Haven. With this invention, Porter's creativity and his preference for collaborative working methods become apparent; both would continue throughout his working life. The patent application was filed on January 17th and granted on May 5th. Charles H. Balsley and Edward Porter received this week letters patent on an Electric Current Regulator, the joint invention of the two young men. It is said to be superior in many respects to any thing yet invented in that line, and can be manufactured almost as cheaply as the ordinary incandescent burners now in use.

They have received several flattering offers from manufacturers of electric light machinery, etc. The boys, however, are moving with caution in the matter, and have not yet accepted any of the offers.

They have also received several orders for the regulator, but as they are not manufacturing the article, they could not fill the orders. By the following winter J. Balsley was selling the device to local residents. Despite his skills as an electrician and telegraph operator, Porter chose to live in Connellsville and become a merchant tailor.

Under other circumstances his early interest in amusements and electricity might have been forgotten and the young small-town businessman would have become a solid, if not stolid, com-. Economic realities, however, intervened. In a town where there were too many tailors, his career choice proved to be a poor one. Dry goods stores mostly run by Jewish businessmen were exerting competitive pressures on merchant tailors like Porter by offering ready-to-wear clothing. Here Porter's resistance to a modern industrial system, a fact crucial to an understanding of his later motion picture career and his opposition to techniques of mass entertainment, was already discernible.

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Nor was this unusual. The U.

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  4. Industrial Commission would soon note the willingness of Jews in the garment industry "to change the mode of production by using the sewing machine and division of labor against which the native tailor has shown a decided aversion. People like Carl Laemmle, who managed a dry goods store in the early s, quickly understood the implications and possibilities inherent in the nickelodeon form of entertainment, to which Porter never fully accommodated himself. In the spring of , Porter's new business, already suffering from excessive competition, was battered by a financial panic and depression.

    The sales of Connellsville merchants fell precipitately, and Porter's small tailoring establishment was one of the first to close its doors—on June 15th, Edward filed for bankruptcy. This forced separation from his hometown was an experience shared by many Americans. It undoubtedly fostered a nostalgia for small-town life, which was expressed not only in many nineteenth-century melodramas but in Porter's films The Miller's Daughter and The "White Caps " In Philadelphia the ex-tailor enlisted in the navy on June 19, , giving his name as Edwin S.

    Porter and his trade as telegraph operator. His enlistment record continues: " Eyes , Brown; Hair , Lt. After his three-year enlistment was over, the Connellsville boy briefly returned home and provided the local paper with this description of his tour:. He left here the beginning of June, three years ago.