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But there are also millions of children throughout our country assigned to public schools that are not meeting their individual learning needs. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress NAEP , less than 40 percent of fourth- and eighth-graders are proficient in reading and math, and nearly 30 percent are scoring below a basic level.

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Because the K—12 system is leaving so many children behind, voters are demanding more and better options. According to a January Beck Research poll commissioned by the American Federation for Children, 67 percent of likely voters support school choice.

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This includes of 80 percent of Republicans, 56 percent of Democrats, 69 percent of independents, 67 percent of African Americans, 73 percent of Latinos, and 75 percent of Millennials. An even higher overall percentage of voters — 69 percent — support a federal K—12 tax-credit scholarship.

True school choice means giving parents the full range of K—12 options for their children, including private school, the most maligned of those options among opponents of choice, despite years of research showing that it works for students.

Homeschooling and Educational Freedom: Why School Choice Is Good for Homeschoolers

According to the study, students in the program are far more likely to enroll in and persevere through college than their public-school peers. There is simply no question that access to the best learning environment for every child will improve educational outcomes across the board. There is also no question that this is a moral and economic imperative.

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The government tells us we have an Why should any family in this nation be told that it has to wait five or ten years for its assigned school to improve, or be forced to rely on a bouncing lottery ball to see if its kids can go to the school that best meets their needs? Education Freedom Scholarships are not a silver bullet for what ails our educational system.

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It should be supported by every lawmaker with a desire to put families and their children first. More articles. Previous articles. Most Popular. By Kevin D.

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    Education Freedom Scholarships: Bold School-Choice Reform | National Review

    I hear it from students who want to learn more and learn differently, but are constrained by their assigned school building. In her statement, DeVos references that proposal and described it as a rational solution.

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