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There are also collectibles to search for, which also grant bonuses to health and magic meters.

The games also heavily feature Quick Time Events that usually trigger more cinematic gameplay experiences. The protagonist in the series is the anti-hero Kratos, a former Spartan general who battles his way through mythological Greece in his quest for revenge against Ares , the God of War, for the deaths of his wife and daughter.

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It continues Kratos' story after defeating Ares in the first game. With his new god-like powers obtained from Ares, Kratos is able to lead the armies of Greece to glory, much to the dismay of other gods. After being betrayed by Zeus , Kratos must find a way to escape his fate and exact his revenge on the King of the Gods.

After receiving magical abilities from slaying the Persian king, he is tasked with rescuing the kidnapped Helios and restoring light to the world. Picking up immediately after the events of God of War II, Kratos, with the his newly restored powers and the aid of the Titans , marches on towards Mt.

Olympus, where he vows to slay all the gods in his final act of vengeance. God of War: Ghost of Sparta , the fifth game released in the series, and the second on the PSP console, was released on November 2, The game is a " interquel " that fills in the story between the first and second God of War games, telling the story of Kratos' ascension to power as the God of War.

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God of War: Ascension , the sixth game in the series, was released on March 12, on PS3, and serves as a prequel to the entire franchise. It is Kratos' true origin story, set 6 months after Kratos condemns his soul to Ares for god-like power and kills his family. He was sent to a prison by the Furies and escaped. Kratos is tasked to kill the Furies so he can break bonds with Ares. A number of collections have been released for the PS3, which bundles together games and gives them HD graphical upgrades. Later on, the first five games in the series were all bundled together in one package for the God of War Saga.

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Gameplay The games in the series all have extremely similar gameplay. HD Collections A number of collections have been released for the PS3, which bundles together games and gives them HD graphical upgrades. Tweet Remove Format Clean. Cancel Update.

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What size image should we insert? Professor Sorbo inevitably gets owned by Josh in his own class, loses his Christian girlfriend to whom he has been a belittling, dismissive prick the entire movie and then out of nowhere just gets hit by a car. Pastor Dave is there to save him at the end—not by resuscitating him or the like, but by getting him to recant his atheism on the concrete in the rain so he can go to heaven when he dies. This is happening concurrently with a happy, celebratory concert where all the good characters are having their end-of-the-movie dance fest. Schoolteacher Melissa Joan Hart gets dragged before a courtroom to be prosecuted for violating the separation of church and state by answering the question of a student who compares Martin Luther King, Jr.

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I can recall similar discussions from my own public school days where explicit mention was made of some Christian doctrine or tradition somewhere, and nobody made an issue of it because it was in an academic setting. At last the jury comes out in favor of Hart and a pissy Wise goes frowning back to his law firm. Foiled again … by Jesus! If the message here is that you need to be brave about your personal beliefs and stand by them, that would interest me.

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This movie is not interested in knowing. Who is it for, then? That feel like they need to prove what is, for billions, a matter of faith. Kenneth Lowe is a contributing writer to Paste , and you can reach him on Twitter. Share Tweet Submit Pin. Unapologetic apology Prepare to witness a riveting thriller that revolves mostly around a PowerPoint lecture.

Lewis To greatly simplify, apologetics is the discourse of convincing people of something—in this case, Christian apologetics is the academic neighborhood of theology that aims to convince people of the premises of Christianity. Tags zombie franchises. Also in Movies.