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Netflix description: Decades after the sudden birth of a new continent, a young rescuer-for-hire provides aid to adventurers exploring this dangerous, uncharted world. Netflix description: Auteur Sion Sono helms the fictionalized retelling of how one charismatic leader led his followers down a bizarre, gruesome, deadly and depraved path.

Netflix description: Driving home after a tense holiday weekend with his in-laws, Ray Monroe Sam Worthington , a well-meaning but overwhelmed family man, pulls into a rest area with his wife Joanne Lily Rabe and daughter Peri Lucy Capri. The trip takes a turn for the worse when Peri is hurt in an accident and the family rushes to a nearby emergency room run by a staff with dubious intentions. After being sent away for further testing Peri and Joanne vanish and all records of their visit disappear. Netflix description: In an all-new season of true-life terror, real people recount unsettling run-ins with demons, ghosts and more, as told via dramatic reenactments.

Netflix description: In season two of Insatiable we find Patty dealing with, well, a lot. Will he continue to allow his romantic relationships, his career ambitions, and his integrity to take a beating, just to help Patty pursue her pageant dreams? Or is there more at play? But guilty secrets take a toll on her love life and her friendships. Netflix description: Pressured to marry a nice Orthodox Jewish woman, Motti is thrown for a loop when he falls for classmate Laura, who his mother will never approve of.

Netflix description: In a series of magical missions, quick-witted YooHoo and his can-do crew travel the globe to help animals in need.

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Netflix description: In this engrossing drama based on a New Yorker article, the cold case of a slain Polish businessman begins to heat up again after a famous writer publishes a novel about a strangely similar crime. Netflix description: A group of suburban Muslim friends trace the disappearance of their friend Mark, who is suspected of joining ISIS. Netflix description: After a fateful domestic clash, a devoted mother finds herself in prison and fighting to survive in hopes of reuniting with her daughter.

Netflix description: Eli is the story of a young boy Charlie Shotwell plagued with an unknown, debilitating illness that requires him to live completely sealed off from the outside world. As Eli undergoes the tremendously intense process that could potentially cure him, he begins to be haunted by experiences that make him question who he can trust and what is lurking inside the house.

Co-starring Sadie Sink. Netflix description: Aspiring interior designers transform a variety of spaces from dowdy to delightful as they vie for a life-changing contract with a top London hotel.

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Netflix description: The de la Mora family grieves a loss while trying to recover sold businesses, plotting revenge and entangling themselves in romantic disasters. Steven Soderbergh directs. Netflix description: The Netflix original series Living With Yourself is an inventive existential comedy that asks: do we really want to be better? Miles Paul Rudd is a man struggling in life.

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As he deals with the unintended consequences of his actions, Miles finds he must fight for his wife Aisling Bea , his career, and his very identity. Netflix description: From decorating his home to devouring sweets, join Bheem as he makes merry — and a bit of mischief — while the festival of lights is in full swing. Netflix description: To find his therapy dog, a year-old escapes from juvie and embarks on a journey of reconnection with his brother and grandmother through Cantabria. Netflix description: The fun continues for Lucky and her friends with more adventure than ever before. Netflix description: After losing his memory at age 18, Alex Lewis relies on his twin brother Marcus to teach him who he is.

But the idyllic childhood Alex paints is hiding a traumatic family secret that the twins must finally face together decades later. Netflix description: Reclusive, socially awkward jingle composer Toon must navigate the nightmarish world of show biz after a viral video skyrockets him to fame. Netflix description: Pioneers in gene-editing techniques and artificial intelligence confront ethical and technological challenges unlike any humanity has faced before.

Netflix description: Upstarts is a bromance about three college graduates from small-town India, captivated by the startup mania sweeping the country. As they enter the rollercoaster startup ecosystem of big dreams, big money and bigger sharks, they are faced with a big choice — their dreams, or their friendship. This film is supported by real-life heroes from the startup world in Bengaluru. Netflix description: was a moment when bands came to LA to emulate The Beatles, and Laurel Canyon emerged as a hotbed of creativity and collaboration for a new generation of musicians who would soon put an indelible stamp on the history of American popular music.

Frances Hodgson Burnett. Her father, Captain Crewe, was wealthy and sure to become even wealthier on future expeditions. There, Sara is treated like royalty. Now penniless, she is forced to live in the attic and work as a servant for the school.

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  5. Haha Lung. The renowned martial arts master and author of Mind Fist and Lost Arts of War shows readers how to achieve total mental domination over enemies. To read the mind of your enemy, to manipulate his psyche to serve your purposes, and to claim victory without ever landing a blow—these are the secrets of I-Hsing. To become a master of the Mind Fist, the greatest weapon of I-Hsing, is to gain more than a competitive advantage, it is to gain complete control over your foes.

    In Mind Penetration, Dr. Comprehensive and easy to follow, this guide invites readers to: Explore the origins and history of mind manipulationDiscover its practice in the ancient Far East and in the modern WestLearn how to control the minds of your enemiesGain confidence and knowledge through clear descriptions and helpful illustrations. Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie.

    Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie worked his way up from bobbin boy to telegraph operator to railroad man, learning key lessons along the way that would eventually lead to his unparalleled success in the steel business. His insights on education, business, and the necessity of giving back for the common good set an inspirational example for aspiring executives and provide a fitting testament to the power of the American dream. X-Force Vol. Craig Kyle. There are lines that the X-Men have sworn never to cross. But after the shocking events of Messiah CompleX; Cyclops realizes that some enemies need to be dealt with permanently - and the X-Men can never know about it!


    Collects X-Force Jane Austen. When Anne came of age, she accepted a proposal from the ambitious officer Frederick Wentworth. One refused marriage and nearly a decade later, Anne has not forgotten about Wentworth. Little does she know that her fortune is about to change. When the Elliots make ill-advised investments and lose their money, they are forced to rent out their ancestral home and move to Bath.

    There, Anne once again meets Wentworth, who is now a captain, in what could be her second and final chance at love and marriage. Swan Song.

    Robert R. In a blinding flash, nuclear bombs annihilate civilization, leaving only a few buried survivors to crawl onto a scorched landscape that was once America. Soon they will cross paths. But only Swan knows that they must endure more than just a trek across an irradiated country of mutated animals, starvation, madmen, and wasteland warriors. Swan is that hope. Now, she must fight not only for her own survival, but for that of all mankind.

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    Heart of Darkness. Joseph Conrad. With a handful of pilgrims as his passengers and a crew of cannibals, Marlow steams his way into the African interior. The terrifying discovery he makes at the end of his journey and the horrors he witnesses along the way have thrilled and disturbed readers for more than a century. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Robert Louis Stevenson. He produces ten pounds in gold and a check for the remainder. Curiously, the check bears the signature of the well-regarded Dr. Henry Jekyll.

    Even stranger, Dr. Hyde, as the sole beneficiary. Troubled by the coincidence, Dr.