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Whole-Brain Vasculature Reconstruction at the Single Capillary Level

However, Mr White and other leaders of the disability sector are concerned that funding for the NDIS remains uncertain. If you are concerned about whether the NDIS will be adequately funded write to or email your local Member of Parliament and urge them to advocate on your behalf. And you're invited! Early Childhood Intervention is helping children to reach their full potential. For a better experience on our website, enable JavaScript in your browser. High contrast. Funding needs to be sustainable However, Mr White and other leaders of the disability sector are concerned that funding for the NDIS remains uncertain.

Fri 15 Nov BigStitcher: Reconstructing high-resolution image datasets of cleared and expanded samples. SETBP1 induces transcription of a network of development genes by acting as an epigenetic hub. Nature Communications 9, PrismPlus: a mouse line expressing distinct fluorophores in four different brain cell types.

Scientific Reports 8, Subepithelial telocytes are an important source of Wnts that supports intestinal crypts. Nature , — Latrophilin 2 specifies cardiac lineage commitment and heart development. Heart clearing opens new insights in the quantification of injured area after ischemia reperfusion. Archives of Cardiovascular Diseases Supplements 10 2 , Cortico—reticulo—spinal circuit reorganization enables functional recovery after severe spinal cord contusion.

Nature Neuroscience 21, Handbook of Clinical Neurology , Pitch-tunable pillar arrays for high-throughput culture and immunohistological analysis of tumor spheroids.


RSC Advances 8, Inverted formin 2 regulates intracellular trafficking, placentation, and pregnancy outcome. Rapid spheroid clearing on a microfluidic chip. Lab on a Chip 18, Journal of Biophotonics 11 2 , e Organism-level analysis of vaccination reveals networks of protection across tissues. Cell , Effects of neural stem cell media on hypoxic injury in rat hippocampal slice cultures. Brain Research , Optogenetic targeting of cardiac myocytes and non-myocytes: Tools, challenges and utility. Interactions between fibroblastic reticular cells and B cells promote mesenteric lymph node lymphangiogenesis.

Nature Communications 8, Light-sheet microscopy for slide-free non-destructive pathology of large clinical specimens. Nature Biomedical Engineering 1, Scientific Reports 6, DataBrain: Using deep imaging techniques to develop a high-fidelity map of the brain. Email address. Remember me.

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Don't have an account? Forgot your password? Support How can we help you? Logos Biosystems close. Features Reviews Citations Resources Ordering. With the CLARITY method, preserved tissues are embedded in a hydrogel matrix and lipids are actively extracted through electrophoresis to create a stable and optically transparent tissue-hydrogel hybrid that is chemically accessible for multiple rounds of antibody labeling and imaging.

Native cytoarchitecture remains intact and even endogenous fluorescence proteins are preserved for robust fluorescence imaging downstream.

Clinical Activities

Electrophoretic Tissue Clearing Solution C Multiple samples can be placed in multi-well plates or conical tubes for rapid and efficient high-throughput sample processing. Users can control polymerization by adjusting vacuum strength, temperature, and a timer through a simple touchscreen interface. Compatible with various vessels.

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  2. Engineers translate brain signals directly into speech!
  3. A versatile clearing agent for multi-modal brain imaging | Scientific Reports.

Rapid and consistent polymerization. Its unique design accelerates the removal of lipids from tissues while preserving the structural integrity of the sample. Clear a whole mouse brain in just 6 hours, an astounding 8 times faster than the original technology. Users can set tissue clearing conditions through a simple and intuitive touchscreen interface. In ETC electrophoretic tissue clearing mode, platinum-plated electrodes generate an electric field to accelerate the removal of lipids from tissues in a highly efficient manner. A built-in temperature control system actively cools and heats buffer to maintain consistent buffer temperatures during clearing.

Buffer is constantly circulated to ensure consistent buffering capacity, temperature control, and elimination of tissue clearing byproducts.

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This advanced system ensures efficient, rapid, and consistent tissue clearing. Active and passive clearing modes. Holders of various sizes available. Simple touchscreen interface. Ready-to-use clearing solution. Whole Thy1-YFP mouse brain. Human cerebral cortex 1 mm. Piaggio - University of Pisa. Great results.

The instrument is very convenient, and the tissue clearing effect is very good. Victoria Neckles Clemson University.

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    Mouse brain slice cleared. Basic Principles of Clearing and Imaging Biological Tissues Single-neuron segmentation of 3D confocal images of clarified tissues DataBrain: Using deep imaging techniques to develop a high-fidelity map of the brain Multiscale analysis of ischemia-reperfusion syndrome. Jude Children's Research Hospital.