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Dismounted and discovered "him" based on a quest line out of Zul'Drak where you meet his mate BIG girl too and untamable standing in the middle of a bunch of gorillas that con yellow on the mini-map which would have made tracking the yellow dot and name in the mini-map very difficult without using the targeting macro.

I fired off one shot to tag him in order to discourage anyone from killing him while I was taming yes, there are plenty of jerks who will do this to get the achievement. Dropped a Freezing Trap and started taming away felt like the longest tame in history. And that be all folks. I hope that helps. I wish you all Good Hunting! Let It Regin! Comment by Lokkni He is elite and hits relatively hard ie. Comment by crash You do realize its a HE right?

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The god in Zul'Drak is the female. Which would be server time. I can indeed comfirm the spawn point on the far left where all of the Dreadsabers are. Had been searching for him off and on all day until I had to go to work.

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I logged on about am EST and logged out at the Gorilla spawn point. Every hour up until I tamed him I logged in and did a spawn point sweep. He must have just spawned in when I got to him because the area was untouched and no one to be seen. I got very lucky as I was expecting this to be a very long process. Good luck and happy hunting! Comment by Feydakin It's been seven days, and at least 4 to 6 hours of camping per day, and I still have not seen hide nor hair of Loque'nahak. I know of at least one Alliance Hunter who has him so far on my server, but there are probably more.

It is getting extremely frustrating, but I guess the only thing to do is keep trying Comment by Existenta Stay off him, alliance scum :p Been hunting him for 7 hours now, haven't seen him yet, and I see lots of ally hunters around Comment by Outragedparker Im a hunter form eredar server. What I've noticed from many of these comments is this, the most likely area that this bad ass cat spawns is I have alrdy rallied atleast half the zone looking for this beast and its the price of g.

Cammandersrg And thus far from 10 hours of searching nothing has turned up, not even a body or a sighting in the past 2 days. Are there any other hints or anything else I need to know to help me find this cat any quicker? Comment by Silfar Rumour has it, that he will only be up for "10" Minutes. So even if you're looking every hour, you might miss him. I suggest a lot of coffee and other stuff, then sitting down on your flying mount and circle the area every 10 minutes for 6 hours.

The main timer is indeed 6 hours. As of this I am still looking for him. Comment by HeKsau Finally got him from far left spawn at the dreadsabers. Epic camp over, best luck to evryone else with it.


Comment by Outragedparker so what do you guys think is his most popular and frequent spawn place on the map? Comment by darkhunt I just tamed this 20 mins back on shandris server Comment by JakJak I've been searching for this bad guy ever since I reached lvl 80, and today I finally tamed him. I've checked the 6 spawnpoints I know of night and day, a total of 13 hours I feel lucky for not spending more time than that. At first, I tried taming him without trapping him or anything, but my 13k hp wasn't enough to take his 1,5k and 2,9k crit hits for 20 seconds.

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I got him at 2nd try feign death ftw , he didn't hit me a single time thanks to freezing trap. Thanks everyone for the info on him, especially you Misty.

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Comment by Rilgon Am I the only hunter completely unimpressed by this thing? It's a cat with glowy eyes and an ability that's currently broken and a DPS downgrade from a normal cat. Comment by spinelli06 What is the correct form for the target macro? I've read about 5 different ways Comment by Outragedparker Is there anymore info that i should know to increase my chances of finding him.

Comment by elliott2 I just caught mine today near the neutral apes at like 70,72 as far as ive read this is a popular spot but i wouldnt overlook the other spawn points good luck :. Comment by sobek15 blue post by Ghostcrawler ''We're aware of the Lovegevity bug. We'll get that fixed and then adjust the dps as necessary.

It should be a choice equivalent to a Devilsaur, but we don't want the Spirit Beast to be far and away the best pet choice. I don't think any of you are asking for that, but sometimes my quotes have a way of being taken out of context. Comment by Sinchild The biggest annoyance I have with Loque'nahak is not that he is hard to find. It just seems to tame him is based more on luck and chance than any actual skill. The best Hunters on my server have been searching for him, empty handed thus far, but there is some annonymous, un-guilded 79 Hunter that has him.

I wish there was a drop that began a difficult quest, or something, rather than just, "Maybe you're lucky today".

click But whatever. I'll find him when its my time, I suppose. My only "protip" would be to pick up Herbalism or Mining. You can feasably make a TON of money farming mats while you constantly cycle through your checkpoints. Comment by batkinson Hey Cammandersrg, it's Zonagustar, after you logged i did a circle around midnight and found him at the north spawn point by the white Matriarch bird. I ended up taming him since your char had gone offline assuming the game kicked ya and since there were alliance nearby grinding the brown birds, I just couldn't let them have it.