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Hair Braiding Schools. The Board reports that these fee increases are necessary in order to meet Callahan Act requirements for cash reserves. Specifically, the Board reports that it has incurred increasing costs for information systems development, enforcement activities, application processing and customer services over the last biennium. While it is true that raising fees will likely allow the Board to increase its revenues to meet anticipated budget deficits, licensees and probably the public would likely benefit more from efforts to decrease Board costs so that they more closely match current revenues.

Board staff reports, for instance, that software purchased to facilitate automation of the licensure process is a considerable and increasing expense. This new software is not a custom built product so it is anticipated that more money beyond the initial purchase price will have to be spent in order to allow the automation software to do what the Board needs it to do. The Board anticipates that implementation of this automated system will increase system stability but will not increase far term efficiency so that fewer employees are needed and so that long run costs for licensees decrease.

Instead more employees will likely need to be hired once the automated system is in place. Although licensees may benefit somewhat from being able to submit applications and fees online, that benefit is likely outweighed by large near-term and far-term costs for this system.


In the three years since licensure was required for hair braiders, there have been only 16 complaints lodged against individuals that are meant to be licensed under these regulations. Given this, it is unlikely that fee increases are needed to cover enforcement activity for these licensees. Businesses and Entities Affected. The Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation DPOR reports that, as of June 30, , the Board licenses 4 hair braiding schools, 35 hair braiding salons and hair braiders.

All of these entities will be affected by fee increases.

A License to Braid Hair? Critics Say State Licensing Rules Have Gone Too Far

DPOR also reports that most of these entities would meet the definition of small businesses. Localities Particularly Affected. No locality will be particularly affected by this proposed regulatory action. Projected Impact on Employment. This regulatory action will likely have little impact on employment in the Commonwealth. Effects on the Use and Value of Private Property.

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This regulatory action will likely have little effect on the use or value of private property in the Commonwealth. Small Businesses: Costs and Other Effects. Small businesses in the Commonwealth will incur the cumulative costs of licensure fees that will increase on account of this regulatory action.

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There are several actions that the Board could take that might mitigate or eliminate the necessity of raising fees. The Board could slightly lengthen the time that it takes to process both license applications and complaints so that staff costs could be cut.

This option would benefit current licensees but would slightly delay licensure, and the ability to legally work, for new applicants. Because DPOR reports that the new automated system that has been purchased is not anticipated to cut processing times or increase efficiency, and thus lower costs, in the long run; licensees would likely benefit if DPOR either reinstituted their old system or found another automated system that could be expected to increase future efficiency and decrease the need for future staff increases. The General Assembly could also likely lower costs for both small businesses for these professions, and for their customers, if it reconsidered whether the Commonwealth would be better served by legislative changes that would either make licensure voluntary or by completely eliminating the states role in certifying these professions.

Real Estate Development Costs. This regulatory action will likely have no effect on real estate development costs in the Commonwealth. Legal Mandate. Section 2. The analysis presented above represents DPB's best estimate of these economic impacts. As explained to DPB staff in a meeting, the new software package is being purchased to replace an unsustainable legacy system that is currently over two decades old, and operating on an unsupported operating platform created by the Digital Corporation and currently owned by Hewlett-Packard.

Migration from the old system to the new system is necessitated by the need to sustain licensing operations. The legacy system had twenty years of programming customizations built into the system, and those customizations resulted in significant automation of processes, constructing many business rules into system operations, and allowed for the development and institutionalizing of training and operating that system.

Horror Business: BRAID Director, Mitzi Peirone

The new, commercial off the shelf COTS solution does not include many of our automated processes, handles information differently, and has made all of the agency's staff novices at understanding and operating the system. As a result of these realities we don't expect to be operating with less staff or as efficiently in the next few years. The statement, "Instead more employees will likely need to be hired The closing sentence of this section offers the most conservative of positions where it characterizes the balancing of on line applications as being "likely outweighed.

Further, once the development and implementation of the new system is complete, DPOR will be provided the source code for the new system by the vendor and will be able to maintain, customize, and respond to the near certain changing requirements of our mission for decades to come. In regard to the correlation of enforcement activity to fees for this particular occupation, it is not the intent to establish fees that cover the cost of any specific process at the occupation level.

Destiny Louise - Director at Destiny Hair Braiding

Concerning legislative changes, we agree that amendments to the Code of Virginia could be enacted by the General Assembly. However, to fulfill its responsibilities, the board must comply with the statutes currently in place. After going through the procurement process, the new product was selected based on the criteria established for the solicitation. In conclusion, DPOR cannot continue to rely on our existing, legacy system as it runs on an unsupported platform.

Further, commencing another procurement to select and purchase another system would add additional expense and time to this effort with no assurance of a different outcome and would also likely involve time consuming and costly litigation in terminating the current contract. The proposed amendments will increase fees for the Board for Barbers and Cosmetology to ensure that revenues are sufficient but not excessive to cover ongoing operating expenses. The board's most recent increase in fees became effective in July Since , licensure programs have become effective for the following professions: wax technician , tattooing , hair braiding , body piercing , and esthetics The board has incurred an increase in costs for enforcement activities, information systems development costs, and application processing and customer support services.

Current fees are not adequate to reduce the deficit and pay continuing operating costs. Without the proposed fee increases, the board's deficit will continue to increase and the Department of Professional and Occupational Licensing will not collect adequate revenue to pay for operations. We will discuss your theme and the overall look you are going for. After establishing your personal goals, we will set up your timeline and countdown to gorgeous.

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