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Further, science, fun biology facts, and big vocabulary such as "exoskeleton" are introduced throughout this book. I enjoyed it but was puzzled by the ending, which I thought was weird. In theory, it is a neat ending; in reality, it is way to confusing for the intended audience. Jun 18, Alicia rated it it was amazing Shelves: kids , math. I like that this book starts with zero. I also like that this book encourages counting. It also has a fun surprise the end.

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Oct 05, Jenna Taimuty rated it it was amazing. This book starts with none! Zero is a number. There are zero bugs on this page. If the reader reads the book from back to front, this book becomes an ABC Book, not just a counting book. Each page represents a number, with a rhyming phrase and hidden bugs of that number.

Each rhyming phrase teaches the reader about the bug featured on that page. The content is challenging and relates to the world surrounding the child. Quickly, the young learner is exposed to the yellowjacket fly and the paper wasp. I use this to teach science activities and create lessons from it.

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The words used in the book are challenging, so the children are always asking questions about what they mean. The bright colors and different style in which this book is written makes it a favorite among children, or so it seems from the reviews. Evaluation of Literary Elements: The illustrations are realistic looking, but all of the bugs are hidden in the pictures. The hidden bugs prove fun for students, as they can search for them all, but I fear that may take away from the message of each page.

There is a lot going on in each page, making the children want to pay close attention.

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Consideration of Instructional Application sentences in your own words : I could use this book as not only a counting book, but I could use it as a research project. I could break the children up in to groups and give them a number and whatever number I give them, the bug represented on that page is the bug they have to research. I could teach research skills, computer skills, and foster creativity through this activity.

This book is truly versatile, being able to be used for many subjects other than just counting. The Icky Bug Counting Book starts at 0 and counts various bugs on each page, up to the number At the end, you discover that there are 26 different bugs because there are 26 letters of the alphabet, and each bug starts with a different letter!

I was actually pretty fascinated by this. His facts are The Icky Bug Counting Book starts at 0 and counts various bugs on each page, up to the number I learned about all kinds of bugs, from Yellowjacket Flies to Click Beetles. For instance, when talking about the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly, Pallotta mentions that butterflies taste with their feet.

The illustrations are great — super colorful and vivid with a lot of detail concerning each bug.

They look incredibly realistic! I love this book entirely too much! I am ridiculous. If you have kids that are learning to read and to count, this is a great one. Take it from me, an unmarried woman without any children to read to. Sep 14, Asho rated it really liked it Shelves: books-we-own , sebastian-s-books , louisa-s-books. I enjoy these Icky Bug books, and the kids do, too. My son has had this book since infancy and we've tried to read it a few times, but he always needed a modified version to sit through it just counting, or counting with just a few details from the text, etc.

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My 2-year-old sat through the whole thing willingly and attentively as I enjoy these Icky Bug books, and the kids do, too. My 2-year-old sat through the whole thing willingly and attentively as well, but probably only because her big brother was there providing an example. This is definitely better for the age range. Jun 12, Anthony rated it liked it Shelves: children-s , education , environment , math , nature , picture-book , science.


The Big Book of Bugs : Yuval Zommer :

This counting book from zero to twenty-six not only teaches how to count, but provides excellent factual information on insects, and bugs as well. The reader gets more bang for the buck as nature is revealed.

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Feb 09, Cheryl rated it it was amazing. I picked this book up at a second hand store on a whim. It was soooooo delightful. Starting with Zero was genius! I learned so much about bugs. Yet the whole thing was appropriate for a young child. And the fact that if you read it backwards the bugs are in alphabetical order!

Nov 09, Cyndi Goodgame rated it it was amazing. My 2nd graders loved it. Oct 07, Hillary Forrest rated it it was amazing Shelves: libs I selected this book as a counting book.

I was captivated by the title and illustrations presented on the front cover. This intrigued me to explore more of the book, and the story to be shared. This book is a paperback book. The front cover is I selected this book as a counting book. The front cover is delightful displaying leaves of a plant that are covered by several different insects.

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The background is a lighter shade of purple with the title written in dark purple. I found the cover to appealing and so did my young children. The back cover is a continuation of the front with plants leaves and a few insects. I was fascinated with the bright illustrations throughout the book. As you journey through numbers starting at one, the reader is taken on an excursion with various insects that correlate with a given number.

For example, the number three is shared using the written form of the number and three elegant crab spiders. I found this book entertaining and amusing. The bright colors are attractive, drawling the reader in to the book to explore. I enjoyed the detail presented with each illustration. I also liked how they author connected real life objects, insects, into a book about a real life concept, numbers. This book is a counting book so it could easily be used to help young children begin an introduction to numbers.

A teacher could use this book as a math lesson by providing students with a handful of insects and instructing them to create math problems. The students could then solve their math problems as practice. This could be done independently or in a group. Mar 19, Morgan Harrison rated it really liked it. Each page has a set number of bugs on that page for the child to count, and the names of the bugs are in alphabetical order backwards.

So number twenty-six has a bug with a name that starts with "a". B Color was one of the prominent visual elements in this book. The background colors on each page were energetic and pretty, going into an ombre form. The colors of the plants and bugs were more muted and less loud. The colors contributed to the story by using more muted colors for the bugs so that the reader would have to really pay attention to them in order to count them all. C I would use this book as a read aloud due to the difficult words and names of bugs on each page.

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