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It is implied that the present distress is but a passing phase, resting on some misunderstanding; meantime , the example of apostolic constancy should yield strong reassurance. In the meantime the Presbyterians, who had been officially recognized in Virginia under the Toleration Act in , and had been guaranteed religious autonomy in the Valley by Governor Gooch in , had sent missionaries into the border counties of eastern Virginia.

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In the meantime the theory of Jupiter and Saturn had been thoroughly worked out by G. At the beginning of the 15th century the burggraves of Nuremberg, who had in the meantime raised themselves to the rank of princes of the Empire, were invested with the margraviate of Brandenburg, and sold their castle to the town. This fermentation proceeds throughout the summer months, and in the meantime a sediment which adheres to the side of the bottle is gradually formed.

Meantime the queen was gathering her friends, and early in December, Richard went north with a small force.

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Meantime the friendship between Calhoun and Jackson had come to an end. Meantime the sufferings of the people had been great; thousands perished in the wars of Charles XII. In , however, he was at St Germain d'Auxerre, bent upon completing his studies, and in he was back again at St Amand as the successor in the headmastership of the convent school of his uncle, to whom he had been reconciled in the meantime.

The latter had been released from all custody in August, but in the meantime he had been busily engaged in treasonable correspondence with James of Scotland, and was counting on the Irish army under his ally, Charles Blount, Baron Mountjoy afterwards earl of Devonshire , the new deputy. Several years passed before he gained another step. Meantime , though circumstances had thrown him too much into active life, he had not forgotten his cherished project of reorganizing natural science.

The point of law was argued by Bacon, and decided by the chancellor in favour of the king, who put the question to the judges individually, " Whether, if at any time, in a case depending before the judges, which his majesty conceived to concern him either in power or profit, and thereupon required to consult with them, and that they should stay proceedings in the meantime , they ought not to stay accordingly?

It is probable that this charge was dropped because a more powerful weapon had in the meantime been placed in his enemies' hands. Eight varieties of such experiments are enumerated, and a comparison is drawn between this and the inductive method; " though the rational method of inquiry by the Organon promises far greater things in the end, yet this sagacity, proceeding by learned experience, will in the meantime present mankind with a number of inventions which lie near at hand.

But in the meantime a flow of Novgorodian colonization had moved eastward, along the upper portions of the left-bank tributaries of the Volga, and had reached the Urals. He graduated at Oberlin College in , having in the meantime given up his theological studies in rebellion at Finney's dogmatism. Spinoza went to Utrecht, but returned without seeing Conde, who had in the meantime been called elsewhere; the pension he civilly declined.

The revolution was in the meantime complete; and Knox, who takes credit for having done much to end the enmity with England which was so long thought necessary for Scotland's independence, was strangely enough destined, beyond all other men, to leave the stamp of a more inward independence upon his country and its history. The court and parliament, guided by them, declined to press the queen or to pass the Book of Discipline; and meantime the negotiations as to the queen's marriage with a Spanish, a French or an Austrian prince revealed the real difficulty and peril of the situation.

A beginning was made by the siege and capture of Kexholm in Russian Finland March 2, ; and, on the 16th of July, Great Novgorod was occupied and a convention concluded with the magistrates of that wealthy city whereby Charles IX. He proposed that the whole matter should be thoroughly investigated by a special committee before the meeting of the next Riksdag, and that in the meantime a contribution should be levied on all classes proportionately. In the meantime , the powerful majority in the Second Chamber split into two groups - the new "Landtmanna " party, which approved protection in the interests of agricultural classes; and a somewhat smaller group, the old " Landtmanna " party, which favoured free trade.

In the meantime the Samanids fell before the Ilek-Khans of Turkestan, to the great advantage of the Ghaznevid princes. In the meantime Aga Mahommeds attention had been called away to the east. In the meantime the island of Kharak had been taken possession of by an expedition from India.

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Three years later a more formal convention, including a second wire, was signed by the British envoy Charles Alison and the Persian foreign minister; meantime the work had been actively carried on, and communication opened on the one side between Bushire and Karachi and the Makran coast by cable, and on the other between Bushire and Bagdad via Teheran. In the meantime he was engaged upon a much more important logical treatise, which appeared in under the title of The Principles of Science.

Meantime in April the Mendi tribes rose, and massacred several British and American missionaries, including four ladies, at Rotifunk and Taiama, some native officials Sierra Leonis in the Imperri district, and a large number of police throughout the country. The British government meantime pursued its policy of abandonment, and in February , by the Bloemfontein Convention, forced independence upon the people of the Sovereignty, which now became the Orange Free State. Another member of the conference was Sir Theophilus Shepstone, q.

Neither Cape Colony nor the Transvaal was represented, 1 At Sir Henry Barkly's request Lord Carnarvon's predecessor, Lord Kimberley, had in November given him Sir Henry authority to summon a meeting of representatives of the states and colonies to consider the " conditions of union," but the annexation of the diamond fields had occurred meantime and Sir Henry thought the occasion inopportune for such a conference.

This conflict lasted until May , and largely absorbed the energies of Sir Bartle Frere. The Transvaal government, meantime , had obtained some knowledge of what was being projected, and the Raid ended in a forced surrender January 2, to a superior force of Boers.


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In the Transvaal, meantime , the situation of the Uitlanders grew worse. The economic situation had in the meantime considerably altered, and the Transvaal was able to bring pressure upon Portugal to permit the recruiting of many thousands more Kaffirs from Mozambique province. In the meantime the Jameson ministry 1 A number of members of the Transvaal administration during the Crown Colony period had worked steadily, in private, to promote closer union. After the collapse of that company a secret committee of inquiry was appointed by the Commons, and Aislabie, who had in the meantime resigned the seals of his office, was declared guilty of having encouraged and promoted the South Sea scheme with a view to his own exorbitant profit, and was expelled the House.

In the meantime , while various observers were building up our knowledge of the morphology of bacteria, others were laying the foundation of what is known of the relations of these organisms to fermentation and disease - that ancient will-o'-the-wisp " spontaneous generation " being revived by the way. Meantime , the conquest of the Sanjak of Novibazar and of northern Kosovo had been practically completed. Meantime the rest of the army, according to orders, was merely making its final reconnaissances. Meantime the Serbians had captured Papas Tepe, though with considerable losses, and at other parts of the front fierce local attacks were delivered.

In the meantime he had helped to found a German hospice in Rome, which survives as the Instituto dell' Anima, and had begun to write a chronicle, of which only fragments are extant. Meantime Mithradates was again in Pontus, and in a disastrous engagement at Ziela the Roman camp was taken and the army slaughtered to a man. Bills not returned to the legislature in five days become law, unless the legislature adjourns in the meantime. In the meantime colonists of another nationality had set foot on the shores of the lower Delaware.

In the meantime Governor Nicolls of New York, ignorant of the grant to Berkeley and Carteret, had approved certain Indian sales of land to settlers within New Jersey, and had confirmed their titles to tracts in what later became Elizabethtown, Middletown and Shrewsbury. In the meantime the French ships, ahead of the leading Dutchman, succeeded in turning to windward and putting part of Evertsen's squadron between two fires.

In the meantime , in June , he joined Joan of Arc at Orleans, and fought in several battles under her banner, till the influence of La Tremoille forced his withdrawal from the army. That this was the best thing possible for Denmark is absolutely indisputable, and "the diplomatic Seven Years' War" which Hall in the meantime conducted with all the powers interested in the question is the most striking proof of his superior statesmanship.

Hall knew that in the last resort the question must be decided not by the pen but by the sword. In they divided their possession, Gorges taking the portion between the Piscataqua and the Kennebec. Numerous grants of land in this vicinity followed within a few years; and in the meantime permanent settlements at York, Saco, Biddeford, Port Elizabeth, Falmouth now Portland and Scarborough were established in rapid succession. Meantime the French and the Swiss engaged in an incredibly fierce struggle.

Meantime the Swiss left attack had closed with the French infantry bands and the "aventuriers" afterwards the famous corps of Picardie and Piedmont , who were commanded on this day be the famous engineer Pedro Navarro. Meanwhile John had not been idle with regard to the dervishes, who had in the meantime become masters of the Egyptian Sudan.

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  6. In the meantime much antiquated legislation which tended to restrict trade and industry was abolished; roads, canals and drainage works were carried out. Meantime new accounts of refusals to use even the old cartridges came from distant parts of Hindostan, from Umballa under the very eyes of Anson, the commander-in-chief, and from Lucknow, the capital of the newly annexed kingdom of Oudh.

    Meantime the Servite brothers of the Annunziata were growing impatient for the completion of their altar-piece. In the meantime the earl of Arundel had made a vain attempt to purchase one of these volumes the Codice Atlantico? Meiningen, which was subject to the bishops of Wiirzburg , came into the possession of the duke of Saxony in , having in the meantime belonged to the counts of Henneberg.

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    Next year, however, Swift who had in the meantime obtained the degree of M. In the meantime he had grown tired of Irish life and was glad to accept Temple's proposal for his return to Moor Park, where he continued until Temple's death in January The Turks meantime maintained their grip on the country by holding on the Walachian bank of the Danube the fortresses of Giurgevo, Turnu Severin and Orsova, with the surrounding districts.

    In the meantime , on both sides of this battery, the assailants had come to close quarters with the Russian columns, which were aided by their field guns. Meantime , however, the movement for the abolition of slavery was gaining strength in England, and the missionaries at length appealed from the colonists to the mother country. In the meantime Lord Carnarvon had resigned his position in the British cabinet, and the scheme fox confederation which he had been pushing forward was abandoned. He had meantime in been appointed to succeed Edmund Halley as astronomer royal; his enhanced reputation enabled him to apply successfully for an instrumental outfit at a cost of ; and with an 8-foot quadrant completed for him in by John Bird , he accumulated at Greenwich in ten years materials of inestimable value for the reform of astronomy.

    In the meantime the great struggle with Alfred the Great was being carried on. Although this manuscript contained only the first book, yet such was the confidence the Society placed in the author that an order was given " that a letter of thanks be written to Mr Newton; and that the printing of his book be referred to the consideration of the council; and that in the meantime the book be put into the hands of Mr Halley, to make a report thereof to the council. In the meantime the murder of Europeans at Casablanca had led to the occupation of that port by France.

    In the meantime , while the Boers were silently and steadily continuing their military preparations, the British settlers at Johannesllurg the Uitlanders, as they were calledcontinued to demand consideration for their grievances. In the meantime he left Tubingen for Ulm, whence he came finally to the seminary of Maulbronn. In the meantime , besides contributing regularly, first to the Saturday Review and then to the Spectator, and editing the National Review, he wrote the first volume of The Early and Middle Ages of England The emperor's first efforts against him were unsuccessful , and the war was not resumed till , Samuel in the meantime extending his rule along the Adriatic coast and imposing his lordship on Servia.

    The barbarians had meantime also grown more formidable, and this made it necessary to have stronger fortifications for the capital. Meantime the Essay on Human Understanding and the Reasonableness of Christianity were becoming more involved in a wordy warfare between dogmatists and latitudinarians, trinitarians and unitarians.

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    Meantime the Assembly passed three decrees: one for the deportation of nonjuring priests, another to suppress the king's Constitutional Guard, and a third for the establishment of a camp of federes near Paris. In the meantime Poland had so far recovered herself as to become a much more dangerous foe than Sweden, and, as it was impossible to wage war with both simultaneously, the tsar resolved to rid himself of the Swedes first.

    Meantime , in , Henry had gone in person to relieve Ceuta from an attack of Morocco and Granada Mussulmans; had accomplished his task, and had planned, though he did not carry out, a seizure of Gibraltar. Meantime the prince, who had now, in , been created by Henry VI.