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Miss Barr coached Joan Collins on how to portray an exotic dancer in the film "Seven Thieves," getting credit as technical adviser. Farrah Fawcett conferred with Miss Barr about playing her in a biographical film but never did.

Candy Morningstar

Though she told Inside Detective magazine in that she was fed up with notoriety and hated being called Candy Barr, she went back and forth and never really relinquished the name. At her last public appearance in , to open the Ruby Room at a Dallas club, she was Candy. As a young child, she said in an interview with Oui magazine in , she was molested by a male babysitter. When she was 9, her mother died. Her father remarried, and she said the harsh discipline of her stepmother impelled her to run away when she was in the ninth grade. A marriage at 14 to a safecracker ended in divorce.

She said a man she met at a club forced her to do the blue movie, sometimes saying he drugged her. She dyed her hair blond and progressed from cigarette girl to an exotic dancer well known enough to require a flashy name. She loved chocolate, hence Candy Barr. She shot her second of four husbands in the stomach in January after he came home drunk and threatened her.

Jimbo & Candi Fisher Divorce Scandal

He said that he deserved it, and a grand jury dismissed charges. She soon got a booking to strip in Las Vegas, and, in , played a comedy role in a legitimate theater in Dallas.

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Later that year she was arrested for possession of marijuana in a case that drew wide attention because of Texas's tough new drug laws and questions about the legality of wiretapping by the Dallas police. In it briefly peaked in popularity--a time when singer Brandy released her hit debut album--but it quickly fell out of favor. Lola is of Spanish origin and is the diminutive form of Dolores. In it ranked among the top most popular names for females.

During the late s, it was one of the top names in the US, but declined through the s. Around it began to see resurgence in popularity. Angel is a popular name for boys and girls, and means "messenger of God. By it catapulted to the top most common names in the US. Ginger, now a common reference to redheads, means "to enliven. It later received a boost in the s, pushing the name to the top favored names for girls after the character Ginger Grant, played by Tina Louise , the glamorous movie star who was castaway on an uncharted island in the hit comedy "Gilligan's Island.

Ginger hasn't been a mainstream name for the past 30 years. In , Candy became faddish and climbed to the top most common names for girls, however 30 years later, it fell out of favor and below the top most common names and continues to decline. Charity is of Latin origin meaning "dear, beloved," and has become recently popularized as a virtue name, with its common meaning being "generous and "benevolent.

It continued to decline years after a brief spell in vogue, and as of it was among the top most popular names. Of Greek origin meaning "resurrection," Anastasia has been a common name since the 17th century. In it was among the most common names for girls, but by the fad was over. Anastasia was resurrected again in and reached its height in popularity in , ranking near the top names for girls. In the s it was among the top most popular names, but fell out of vogue in the late s. Once a slang term used for a loose woman in the 17th century, Kitty has now become popularized as a vulgar term for female genitalia.

In the late s, Kitty ranked among the top most popular names for females, but experienced a steep decline in the s. The name is derived from the precious stone, which mystics believe can heal intestinal problems.

Candy Barr - Wikipedia

Meaning "predetermined fate," Destiny rose to popularity in in the US and peaked in among the top 5 most popular names for girls. In it was in the top baby girl names. Devon is popular as a name for girls and boys, and named after a farmland area in England. In it became a mainstream name, ranking near the top most popular names for girls, but steadily fell out of favor, eventually falling off the top most common names list in Meaning purity or celibacy, Chastity climaxed in popularity in reaching the top most common names for girls.

It dwindled in favor in the s and briefly surged in among the top Ranked 1, out of 4, most popular names for all girls Raven means "black-haired," and propelled to popularity in , sitting among the top most favored names for girls. It reached its peak in in the top , but dropped back to the top most-liked names for girls by It has been said that Scarlett, which means "red," was popularized as a name because of the relentless Southern belle protagonist in Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind.

In , Disney released its classic animated flick about a precious deer name Bambi. During that time, Bambi-- of Italian origin--ranked among the top names for females, and later fell out of favor in the s. From , Star skyrocketed in popularity for girls names, ranking among the top most common. It peaked in a year after Paris Hilton's "The Simple Life" made the sex tape star and socialite a household name-and ranked among the top most popular names for girls.

Ranked 2, out of 4, most popular names for all girls Meaning "from the dales, the valley meadows," in the name Dallas ranked among the top most common names for girls.

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By it grew out of favor and ranked in the top , eventually dropping off the top most common names for girls until when it reclaimed its same spot from nearly 14 years ago. Meaning "of high value or brilliant," the name Diamond reached its height of popularity in , ranking among the top most popular names for females, but it steadily declined, barreling to the top most popular names in In Skye catapulted into the top most popular names for girls.

It later reached its height in when it skyrocketed among the top most common names for girls. Trinity, meaning "union of three," started becoming a popular name for girls in the s, where it started among the top and climbed to the top 25 in In it ranked in the top most common names. Meaning "a green field; golden brown," of English origin, the name hit its peak in popularity during the s but has since gone out of fashion.

In Arabic, Layla means "night beauty" and in Hebrew, short for Delilah, it means "seductive. Lexie, diminutive of Alexandra, means "man's defender. In it fell out of favor, but it saw resurgence in In it was among the top most popular names for girls. Ranked 3, out of 4, most popular names for all girls Roxy is short for Roxanne, and means "dawn. Nevaeh, which is "Heaven" spelled backward, became popular in and has skyrocketed to one of the top 50 most popular names for girls in A combination of Ashley and Lynn, in the past 20 years, Ashlynn has been a favorite name for girls and now ranks among the top most common names, according to US Census data.

The name means "dream. Aspen, named after the cheap drugstore cologne and the beautiful, hip resort town in Colorado, grew in popularity as a female name in , ranking among the top In it was one of the top names for girls. Ranked lower than 4, of the most popular names for all girls Chyna, referring to the country China, became popular in and peaked in as one of the top most popular names for girls.

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Three years later, it dwindled off the top chart. Lexus, a variation of Alexis and Alexandra, means "man's defender. In Latin, Unique means "only one" and began to rise in popularity in , reaching its peak a year later as one of the top most popular names for girls. Although not particularly a common name in the US, Chardonnay--which is a type of wine--rose to popularity as a girl's name from in the UK based on the character Chardonnay Lane-Pascoe from the hit TV series "Footballers' Wives. Houston has been a popular first name for boys since , but has never been a hit name for girls.

London, named after England's capital, has recently surged as a popular nom de guerre for strippers. Short for Nicolette, the name is of French origin and has not been a popular American name.