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Absolutely horror-stricken, they wanted her to get to safety, but Sister Dorothy was fearless. A woman of strong conviction and astounding courage, Sister Dorothy continued to speak for justice despite threats on her life.

Her work with the Pastoral Land Commission work, an organization of the Catholic Church that fights for the rights of rural workers and peasants, and defends land reforms in Brazil, was seen as a serious threat. She was also recognized as a modern-day martyr by the Vatican. I asked Sisters Susan, Patty and Arrianne about how the play inspired or challenged them.

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The following are their responses. She was totally one with the poor, not only in her ministry, but in her lifestyle, living as they lived. Her compassion was a compassion that would be satisfied only when justice prevailed in the rainforest and human rights were respected. This puts in perspective those petty things we might allow to get us down. While speaking courageously to such overwhelming injustice and knowing her life was in danger, she still lived with an amazing spirit of joy in life.

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How does one transform that much negative energy and chaos into such joy? Was this her prayer-life, connection with God who is LOVE that enabled her to withstand such chaos and to carry the cross with such joy?

Michele Murdock. Thanks Kat for posting the letter.

Dorothy Stang

And for sending me your poem. Out of curiosity I think it says, "Only when the last tree is dead, the last river dammed, the last field paved over will realize that we can't eat money. Wednesday, March 3, A note from a guest. Last week, we interns joined in a 5-day "retreat" through the Bartimaeus Institute, led by Ched Myers and Elaine Enns.

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The institute focused on themes of ecojustice and Sabbath economics, and engaged participants in some radical Bible study. It tells the true life story of an independent, down to earth, deeply motivated and warmhearted sister, who is a community builder and committed to helping the poorest of all people in the Amazon as well as preserving the Amazon itself, courageously fighting — with everything within her means — against the rich and greedy people, who selfishly tried to exploit and eradicate man and nature for their own benefit and wealth, which in the end cost Sister Dorothy her life.

I was struck by the sincerity and courage of Sister Dorothy Stang and the honest and lively way Michele Murdock portrayed her, drawing on information from letters Sister Dorothy had sent to her family and to the sisters of Notre Dame in Ohio, her convent, as well as her profound investigation in Brazil, where she spoke to many people who had known Sister Dorothy and loved her.

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At the end, the book has a list of questions, that can be used by Book Clubs and school kids. You can purchase this book via Amazon.